Bob Dance and the little girl who haunts me


Note: This post will only make perfect sense if you live in Central Florida, but the premise can be applied anywhere.

She haunts me.

She’s there when I wake up. She’s there when I go to sleep. She’s there when I’m fast-forwarding through tennis during a Grand Slam tournament, and she’s there when I’m watching live TV. She’s on every channel, all the time.

She’s in my head while I’m at work; she’s in my head when I’m at play. She’s always, always, ALWAYS, there.

And she’s so damn adorable that I sometimes feel guilty for wishing ill things on her father.

But this has got to stop. For months now, I’ve been bombarded by commercials for Bob Dance Kia and Bob Dance Hyundai. All of them are basically the same: Owner Scott Dance and his previously-mentioned cute as a button daughter, Grace, sit in a car, talk really fast, and repeat the same inane dialogue with the same ending catchphrase, delivered by the blonde, smiling Grace:

“Bob Dance, where everybody rides.”

I don’t blame the kid; her Dad asks her to be in a commercial, of course she’ll say yes. Wear a funny hat and outfit? Sure Dad! I mean look at her, who could say no to that face?

I blame the father, and I blame the people who decided to flood the Florida airwaves with their commercials. I wasn’t looking to buy a car in the last few months, but even if I was, I would not go to Bob Dance, ever. I have been hit over the head too many times with his commercials, to the point of making me NOT want to buy a product.

This happens all the time in advertising. That “Head-On” product that was so ubiquitous a few years ago on TV? Annoyed me too much to ever buy it. I’ve gone out of my way to not watch certain new Fox shows, simply because during the baseball playoffs they’ve been promoted every six seconds.

Don’t ad people understand there’s a fine line between consumer interest and consumer nausea? Don’t they get that by overloading your product onto the public, a backlash will ensue? (If you think I’m the only one made crazy by these Bob Dance commercials, click here.)

And furthermore, isn’t it a little creepy to whore out your kid to help you sell products?

I guess not, because it keeps happening.

Anyway, I can’t get this kid out of my head.

Right now, I just want the little girl in her cowboy hat to go away, far far away, and leave me alone with my L.A. Law reruns and my CNN and my “Rescue Me”(which, don’t even get me started, was AGAIN snubbed in the Emmy nominees).

Please, Mr. Dance, leave us alone. I’m sure you sell fine automobiles.

But if I see one more of your commercials, I’m driving to your factory and hurling something big through the showroom window while screaming “WHY?” at the top of my lungs.

I’m not a violent man. But there’s only so much a man can take.


31 responses to “Bob Dance and the little girl who haunts me

  1. You’re kidding me. You live in Central Florida?

    That little girl is worse than the Morgan, Colling, and Gilbert (or Morgan and Morgan) ads; she’s not as bad, though, as the Appliance Direct screamers.

  2. Rockabye,
    Yeah, I’m a Daytona Beach resident these days. I agree, the Appliance Direct lady is pretty horrendous; have you noticed they’ve put the other guy front and center in the commercials now, and the obnoxious screaming lady only comes on at the end?

    They must’ve done market research or something showing people hate her!

  3. What’s the bottom line Gracie, err, Michael?

  4. Oh Michael, Michael, Michael. It’s a lost cause. If you’d lived in Central Florida during your younger years, you would be immune by now.*
    The original Bob Dance commerials were way, way more annoying, complete with Bob Dance (grandfather of Grace) falling out of airplanes, screaming, and performing other crazy, constant antics.* * They were horribly bothersome. I think it’s a Dance family tradition. (We all have to have something.)

    P.S. Scott Dance, father of the aforementioned child, was quite the celebrity at my high school where we both attended. I’m embarrassed just writing this; please forgive me.

    * Okay I’m lying. I’m not immune.
    ** According to my memory.

  5. Everybody is sick of those ads. If you go to YouTube there is a Bob Dance memorial. Go there & leave your comments on the ads. Her father Scott Dance will have to read them because he’ll be notified by YouTube of every comment left there.

    And I disagree about her being cute. She’s annoying & probably a spoiled little brat who’ll grow up to be a spoiled beotch.

  6. Did you guys see the youtube mockery that someone made?? its hilarious! lol Go onto youtube and type in bob dance hyundai.

    Those appliance direct people are growing on me. That goofy little asian guy makes me laugh. But these bob dance commercials gotta go! First of all, Hyundai sucks, they are cheap sh*tty cars, second of all, those commercials make me change the channel every time they come on, which is every commercial break! Sometimes 2 times in a break! Its ridiculous!!

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  8. I had to laugh when I saw I was NOT ALONE in hating these commercials. But I also have to wonder if poor Grace having to do those inane commercials isn’t the victim of child abuse? I’m a teacher, and I know how mean kids can be. I can only imagine the grief she must get from her peers.

  9. Well the cowgirl outfit is gone, now she yells BOO at the beginning and has that ungodly pitch when she says where EVERYbody rides.

    If there is any love in that family please take these commercials off or at least the little girl.

    Sure she is a very pretty girl but that voice!

  10. Well true the outfits are annoying but they also need to learn post production editing.
    There audio often is horrid that poor dog has to be held down cause its not trained when they do use him.

  11. You know, I don’t think they even spelled ‘ho down’ right.

  12. If you dislike these commercials join the group on facebook. or just search groups “I Hate Grace”

  13. If his customers stopped to realize he must be making a ton of money off of them to advertise so much, they might rethink it and go elsewhere…

    For me, I am so sick of the commercials, I WOULDN’T buy a car from him regardless of the deal!

    Everybody ought to ride right past him and onto somewhere else!(

  14. she is so creepy i hatee her

  15. They’re getting on my nerves. What’s even more frustrating is when you think you’re the only one complaining about it, so glad their others that share the save view. It’s become an earworm and I find myself taking the remote with me to the kitchen, etc. so when they come on, I can mute asap.

    This article made me laugh, by the way.

  16. I FREAKIN HATE HER!!!!!!! Bob Dance is making her look bad!! I cant stand that stupid smile she always does through out the whole commercial… plus what the heck is up with the dog?? Is that suppost to be cute?? Because it’s not! The commercial is ruined by his daughter. Way to go Bob Dance!! You will never get any business from me!! STOP PLAYING THE COMMERCIALS EVERY TWO MINUTES!!!

  17. First of all “The kid”. Why did you spend time looking this blog up just to insult, I think you have a bit to much time on your hands second of all, real mature all in caps shows your age.
    Before you go insulting people try using spell check and proper punctuation, then insult.

    Thanks for your comments though, come again!

  18. I am extremely disturbed about the lack of compassion for this little girl. Sure the commercials are annoying. They’re car commercials. They’re all annoying. But she’s just a little girl. The facebook group that is mentioned above is a serious matter. Has anyone actually read the posts that are on that group. Many of them are mild but a lot of them are vicious and some of them are outright menacing, death threats. I have been reporting the group to facebook as it clearly violates several of their group policies against hate speech, cyber bullying, and personal attacks. Now it’s up to you. Everyone who thinks that this little girl is simply the victim of a father who is using her for his own means should go to this group and read the comments. If you think that these comments are out of line, please click the NOTIFY button and inform facebook know how you feel so they remove this group. It is simply a venue that is dedicated to the torture of an innocent young girl.

  19. Adam, I agree with you, I have just looked over that group on facebook. Although the commercial may play WAY to often, and the girl does scare me, Its due to her father.
    He uses her to much, you can tell she does not like it.
    I have just notified the group, thank you!

  20. Adam, I too agree with you. Although the commercials are TOTALLY annoying to the point I have change the channel whenever it comes on or fast forward through it, it’s not right to bash an innocent little girl.

  21. There’s a Facebook group called “Stop putting your damn kids in your cheesy car commercials!” and it’s specifically targeting these Orlando dealership commercials (the Kia kid and Bob Dance girl). Join it if you guys get a chance and maybe the more fans there are, the bigger the message to stop these annoying ads will spread.

  22. Stop playing these annoying commercials!!!!!! I can’t stand them!!!!

  23. Yo Central Florida get a life. Remember she is only a child. She is only doing what is asked of her. Why would anybody hate such an adorable little girl. You people get way too much sunshine. Remember she is only a CHILD!!!!! You NITWITS!!!!!!!!!

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  25. She is only a child and should be doing things that children do. What do children know about cars especially at her age. Frankly just because of those commercials I personally would not buy a car from any Bob Dance dealership.
    Nothing personal against the Dance family, just really hate those annoying commercials.

  26. Bob Dance needs to realize that the “where everybody rides” ads is going to come back to haunt his daughter, Grace. When she gets in to High School his motto is gn to be changed to “Grace Dance, where everybody rides !!” Nice job, ad company !! If they couldn’t foresee the future years…. Whomever that advertisement company is… I wouldn’t want them ding my ads! And Appi-ance Daw-wect is the most annoying commercial on TV and radio. Especially Becky with her “n duh baucks” slogan. It reminds me of my Mother-In-Law’s annoying parrot bird. “N duh bauks, n duh bauks, baaauck!!” Yeah, the annoying parrot that “mysteriously” gets eaten by the cat because “someone” accidentally left the cage door opened !!

  27. I know her!Not that sweet at all.In fact kind of mean.She brags a lot! She is creepier in real life!

  28. Johnney B. Good

    You people are all Whacko’s……….Gracie Dance is a beautiful child!

  29. I miss Grace Dance! The ads that are really annoying are the ones for Nation Law with those two distressed and panting dogs proving that they have dogs at that law firm too!

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