Outrage not worth it for Brett (Hamlet) Favre


I wanted to be upset and angered and outraged when I heard that Brett Favre, he of more “retirement” pronouncements than Larry Holmes and Rocky Balboa combined, announced Tuesday he was coming back to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

I wanted to be ticked off that Favre had again lied to everyone’s face when he declared back in July that he was definitely retired for good.

You know, kind of like when he said after leaving my beloved New York Jets after last season that he was through. And when he retired as a Packer after the 2007 season. And when he retired … well, you get the jist.

But I just couldn’t work myself into a froth over it. To me, Favre’s just not worth it. He’s clearly a raging egomaniac who has now held 3 (count ’em, three) franchises hostage over the past two years, while we all waited to see what King Brett would do.

“You know who he is?” I said to my friend Tony Jones on the phone today. “He’s Freddy Krueger. Everytime you think we’re rid of him, every time he’s definitely, totally, completely gone, Favre pops back up.”

Tony agreed.

I just really don’t care about Favre anymore; as a Jets fan, Brett was like that really hot girl in high school who you NEVER think you’ll be able to get to go out with you. Then, amazingly, she agrees to be your girlfriend for little while, only to be totally not what you hoped for. (Incidentally, there was a great “Freaks and Geeks” storyline about this very same thing.)

A few questions I have about this whole new Favre arrangement:

— Can Vikings fans really just forget the last 16 years of hating this guy and cheer their guts out for him? Forget where I read it today, but this is like Derek Jeter putting on a Red Sox jersey, or Larry Bird getting traded to the Lakers. The Purple-clad Vikes fans hated No. 4’s guts for almost two decades, and now they’re going to pin their Super Bowl hopes on him? Definitely a weird set of emotions today if you’re a Vikes fan.

— Another question: Did Brad Childress and Co. watch any of the last six Jets games last season? Because I did. And injury or no injury, Favre has nothing left. I don’t think he’ll lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl anymore than Sage Rosenfels would’ve.

— Am I bitter as a Jets fan? Not really. I’ve said repeatedly that I loved that the Jets went and got Favre last yea, and that I was equally happy when he quit. It was a gamble worth taking, and I really don’t care about him anymore.

(What I do care about is my NFL Jets Favre jersey being devalued now; I kinda hoped it’d be a collector’s item one day, you know, Favre’s last-ever NFL jersey. Oh well; I’ll have to figure out another way to pay for my future kid’s college tuition)

— Will Packers fans boo Favre at Lambeau this year? Not sure. The question was tackled in a good SI.com column from Don Banks, and Packers fan and author David Maraniss said he wasn’t sure. Packers fans are wildly loyal and I just don’t know if they have it in their hearts to boo their legend.

Then again, I was just perusing the message boards on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Favre story, and well, the mood is not very friendly.

Anyway, I’m done with Favre. Play, don’t play, I really don’t care. Just for the love of God, don’t ever actually tell us you’re retiring again!

**Couple more scattered thoughts on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning:

— One more beauty of Facebook: It has completely ruined the ability of friends to say they forgot your birthday. If you’re Facebook friends with someone, there’s a little application on everyone’s home page that reminds you of all your friends’ birthdays.

It’s really quite wonderful; heard from so many people yesterday with good wishes. Would they’ve remembered without Facebook? Probably not. But it’s just one more nice way to stay in touch in our incredibly disconnected world.

**I’ve watched the Usain Bolt race a few more times since the weekend. I think I may have to do a separate post on him soon; I’m just so blown away by what he’s doing to track and field. He’s taking his sport to a whole new level.

Here’s a great story by Christopher Clarey in the NY times about him:

**Finally, Democrats in Congress =absolutely spineless jellyfish. So pissed off at my Party right now. Why must we always, always, screw things up when we’re finally in charge? Push a damn health care bill through, you’re in the MAJORITY!


One response to “Outrage not worth it for Brett (Hamlet) Favre

  1. You know, this deal just really doesn’t irk me that much. Could be because I don’t give a damn about the NFL, but I think mostly it’s because it’s just semantics, in my opinion. He “retired”, he “took a break from football”…….what’s the difference? I mean, I know the definition of the word retirement and all, but it’s not like he took a zillion dollar payout to step aside, and we all had to finance that “retirement payout” — and now he’s coming back after pocketing that money.

    To me, he should be free to do whatever the hell anybody’s willing to sign him to do, and he shouldn’t worry that he’s being used for media fodder during a slow sports-news summer.

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