A college football team does the right thing, and a great gesture at the Open


Probably going to be a short post today (I say “probably” because once I start these babies I never quite know where they’re going to end up) because it’s late and I’m tired.

But after being pissed off about the Obama- speech to kids faux-controversy for much of the last 24 hours, I wanted to write about two things that made me happy toady:

1. It’s so rare when a major college football program does the right thing. Seriously, it hardly ever happens. Schools are always taking the easy way out and doing what’s best for the football team, not what’s right in the real world.

So I have to say I was kind of proud of the University of Oregon for what they did Friday, suspending running back LeGarrette Blount for the entire season after he sucker-punched a Boise State player following Thursday night’s game. Here’s the incident if you didn’t see it:


Pretty despicable behavior, but Oregon being a major football school and all, I figured the kid would get a small suspension and be back in time for the really big games.

But hey, what do you know? A university actually put its (Nike) foot down and did the right thing. I was pleased.

(Also loved the quote by the Oregon coach, Chip Kelly, who said his player “will be more than a YouTube clip.” Isn’t it amazing how fast YouTube has invaded our lives so completely? I also love that there’s a head football coach named “Chip.” Sorry, I’ll always think of the great Freddie Koehler on “Kate and Allie” when I hear that name. I’m rambling again, sorry.)

2. I’ve raving about the U.S. Open all week on my strictly-tennis blog here, but I’ve got to say a few more words about the amazing Taylor Dent. He’s an American tennis player who was once as high as No.21 in the world, then had two major back surgeries and was bed-ridden for, literally, a year.

Somehow he’s back again and he won an incredible four-hour match Friday night against a Spanish player named Ivan Navarro.

But that’s not why I’m writing about him here. This is why: After the match on the Grandstand (a smaller court which seats about 3,000) Dent took a microphone and thanked the fans for cheering so hard for him. Then he did a lap around the court slapping high-fives with the fans.

That just doesn’t happen in sports anymore; maybe it never did. I just thought it was an incredibly cool thing to do.

Here’s a clip of the match with highlights. Man I love the Open, and this weekend, Labor Day weekend, always brings awesome matches.


4 responses to “A college football team does the right thing, and a great gesture at the Open

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  2. No way Mike. Punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Football player lands a punch after a game from some jerk egging him on, and he loses both his college career and his shot at the pros? That’s ridiculous. Remember, these are college kids. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have gotten some punishment, but really, how much more violent was this one punch than what they were doing to each other legally for the previous 60 minutes? Complete overreaction by the college simply because ESPN kept showing the tape over and over.

  3. Gee, Michael – if you keep writing interesting angles, I may have to turn on ESPN. Oh! What did I just say?

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