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Yet another reason the NFL is better than college football

BradfordAs if we needed another reason, I give you the 2009 Oklahoma Sooners.

Let’s say you’re an Oklahoma fan. You’ve been dreaming about the season ever since last January. You wear red and white clothes all year round. You’ve been counting down the days until the first game, when your Sooners, led by Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford, will compete for a national title.

Then the first game comes, last Saturday against Brigham Young University.  The Sooners are doing OK, until late in the first half, when the golden boy, Bradford, gets hurt on a hard hit.  He can’t come back and play; he sprained his shoulder and is out for maybe a month.

And Oklahoma loses the game, and its poll ranking plummets to 13. And folks, their championship season is basically over right as it begins.

The Sooners won’t be able to leapfrog everyone else the rest of the season. With Bradford hurt, they’ll lose maybe one more game at least, and that will be that. No Big XII title, no national title, no nothing.

All because of one bad game and one unlucky injury on a day in early September, Oklahoma is cooked.

It’s a terrible, terrible system that college football has. In the NFL, you lose once, you get plenty more chances to make it up. There aren’t sports writers and other coaches and some idiotic computer formula deciding how good you are; the only thing that matters is how you play on the field.

I realize, as I write these words from a dwelling in the southern United Statesm that I am committing a regional sin by saying these words.

But it’s the truth. Fairness and equality are to college football what Rush Limbaugh is to the truth: a strange and foreign concept.

Five more days until the NFL season starts. The real football season. Can’t wait.

And a bit of humor for your Wednesday…

**So many athletes forget to show their personality, either on the field or off. One reason I’ve always loved tennis star Novak Djokovic is because he’s a legitimately funny guy. Monday night after he scored an easy win at the U.S. Open, he launched into his John McEnroe impersonation, which then resulted in McEnroe coming down from the broadcast booth and hitting some balls with Djokovic, as he then impersonated the Serb.

It was great stuff; check it out below.