Why I kept thinking about death today


I don’t think about death too often. Occasionally, thoughts of my mortality will occur to me. I know there have been several occasions, specifically on a June night in 1994, when I told God he could now take me after I finally got to see the New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup.

But unlike my buddy Pearlman, who obsesses about death as often as most of us, you know, breathe, I just don’t think about it. I’m an incurable optimist, who enjoys almost every day on this earth that I’m fortunate enough to enjoy.

But I was kinda shocked into thinking about death Monday. My mom called with some news so out of the blue, it could’ve been orange.

“Samantha Cohn died,” she said.

Samantha Cohn was a girl I went out with a few times when I lived in New York and worked for SLAM magazine, back in 2002. We were set up because my cousin Marni was good friends with her sister Mindy, whose husband had died in the Twin Towers on 9/11. I liked Sam right away; she was smart, pretty and had a good sense of humor.

I don’t remember a lot about our dates, except that on one of them we went to Serendipity, an ultra-cool New York restaurant, that we saw a really bad movie (“The Bourne Identity”) together, and that we once kissed in the back of a taxi.

We stopped seeing each other because, well, I don’t really know why. I think she wasn’t ready for a relationship and I was, basically.

And then seven years later, my mom calls and tells me she’s dead. Apparently she had contracted the Epstein-Barr virus recently, and was in the hospital, and from there the details were sketchy.

I was completely floored by this once the news sunk in. I mean, she was 32. This was a girl who was basically my age, living a happy, healthy life, and suddenly she’s no longer with us.

Freaked me out completely. I believe she’s the first girl who I ever kissed who has died. I feel terribly for her family and for her poor sister, who has now lost a husband and a sister in the last 8 years. Just awful.

Hope you appreciate every day of our life while you’re here.

OK, onto some less-morbid Tuesday thoughts:

**Caught a lot of the second half of the Colts-Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Always been a huge Peyton Manning fan. He still, after 12 years, amazes me with how good he is. We’re lucky to be living in this era to see him.

**Caught President Obama on Letterman Monday night. He was, as usual on these shows, smart, funny and self-effacing. It’s a little strange still to see a President so comfortable in his own skin, but he truly comes of as a regular guy (I can hear my Republican readers (both of them) gnashing their teeth).  He had a great line about dealing with Sasha and Malia when they grow up.

He said that so far things have been normal for them, but it might get strange when they get to be teenagers, “and want to go on dates, and I’ve got men with guns surrounding them.”

Finally, I don’t think we’d ever see Tiger Woods doing anything quite like this. But with Mr. Federer, well, the man’s not afraid to act goofy, one more reason to love him. Skip to 1:00 in for the good part.


4 responses to “Why I kept thinking about death today

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  2. I loved reading your thoughts on the untimely death of Samantha. I, too, cannot get it out of my mind today. You are so right about enjoying every single minute of your life here on Earth.
    The video of Federer was hysterical! How did you ever find it?

  3. I’m in GF right now, buddy, and I thought of you (and death) just the other day. Looks like hockey is coming back to Glens Falls this year in a big way, so naturally I thought of Mark Potvin. That was really sad. I still feel awful having (and having to have) called the family to ask about his passing, but I remember your wonderful column about the guy. Best “Special to The Post-Star” ever. Anyway, keep writing and I’ll keep reading. In case you didn’t hear, Nik and I are moving to Australia, and it’s happening on Monday. Maybe we’ll see you down in Melbourne one year for the Open. We’d love to have you. (Seriously, think about it, mate.) Cheers! – K

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