Billionaire Russian is buying the Nets. Is this good or bad? And a fun stat about health care and UFOs


So I realize I’m a few days late on this, but my favorite NBA team is apparently being bought by the richest guy in Russia.

Mikhail Prokhorov, who apparently has a net worth of $9.5 billion (that’s about what I think I’m worth,

by the way, not that anyone will confirm it), has reached a deal to buy the New Jersey Nets. And yes, the “Nyets” joke has already been made plenty of times.

This seems to have come out of nowhere, and on the surface seems great for everyone: Struggling Nets owner Bruce Ratner gets cash for his new arena in Brooklyn (which, I’m starting to think, will get built as soon as the stuff in “The Jetsons” is real), NBA commish David Stern gets a foreign owner with a lot of cash in his league, and us Nets fans get to keep dreaming that LeBron James will come to the team next year.

Of course, I’m brimming with questions: Will borscht be served at the concession stand? Is there a chance that instead of throwback jerseys, the Nets could wear those cool-looking “U.S.S.R” shirts the Soviets used to wear? Will the owner threaten to send a misbehaving player to Siberia, and you know, mean it?

And could we get Dolph Lundgren to come out to the opener and re-enact his “Rocky IV” scenes? “If he dies, he dies.” Man that guy shoulda won an Oscar.

And would LeBron James even want to play for a Russian dude?

All things that will be known in due time. Heck, I don’t even know if this guy will pass inspection from the other NBA owners, who are kind of picky about who they let in to their club.

I truly have no idea how this thing will play out. But at the very least, my Nets will be interesting off the court this season.


In my continuing attempt to find humor in the health care debate…

**OK, so usually I ignore the 5,426 emails I get per week from I love them, love that they’re pushing liberal causes, but man, do they send a lot of emails.

But this one I had to read, and I’m glad I did. Apparently, according to media watchdog site, a recent N.Y. Times/CBS News poll showed that only 26 percent of Americans opposed a public option for the new health care plan.

A 2007 Associated Press/Ipsos poll found that 34 percent of Americans believe in UFOs.

So basically, more people believe in unidentified flying objects than oppose the health care plan. And yet this is apparently a raging debate in Congress.

Which just proves my point: There’s a ton of bat-shit crazy people in America.

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