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R.I.P., Captain Lou, unintended consequences of hybrids, and Twitter for Jews

As I sit here starting at the rubber bands I found around our house, I’m smiling, thinking of Cap’n Lou Albano, who died Wednesday at 76.

If you don’t know who he is, well, here’s a couple of hints. He was a crazy wrestling manager who used to yell and scream and gyrate wildly, like in the clip above.

He also became “mainstream” famous for a few years in the early 1980s, when somehow Vince McMahon convinced the great Cyndi Lauper to appear in the WWF a bunch of times. Then Lou got to appear in Cyndi’s best video (in my opinion), “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (go ahead, I know you want to watch it. One thing I always wondered about this video: How big is Cyndi’s bedroom that so many freakin’ people can fit in it at the end? I mean, seriously, there are like 50 people in there!).

Cap’n Lou was, well, he was one of the great wrestling characters of my youth. There were times when my friends Andrew and Marc and I would pretend to be one of his famous tag-team champions, Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo, and I usually got stuck playing Cap’n Lou, yelling and screaming while we did fake interviews with each other (Believe me, it was twice as geeky as it sounds. But we had fun!)

He also was a hell of a wrestler in his day, tried to get George “The Animal” Steele to be normal,  and was apparently a very nice guy. Sure, he was no Mark Harmon in the looks department, but he was funny and loud and that’s all that counts in wrestling.

So long, Lou, and I lift my rubber bands to salute you.

****So those brilliant people at The Onion have struck again, hitting so close to home with this fake story about newspapers.

Hilarious, but probably close to the truth…


*** From the Dept. of Unintended Consequences, I found this story fascinating from today’s N.Y. Times. Apparently the new hybrid vehicles are so quiet and make so little noise that safety experts are saying that pedestrians can’t hear the cars coming, so they’re asking the car companies to make “fake noise” and install it in the new models.

You solve one problem, another one gets created … Personally, I’d like my car noise to be Beethoven’s Fifth, but that’s just me.

**Finally, this may be one of those things that is only funny if you’re Jewish or know a lot of Jewish mothers, but I laughed my butt off at this: Enjoy.