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Mrs. Carol Brady is here to help your mom use the Internet, and Kareem messes up on “Jeopardy”


Just when you thought Florence Henderson had done it all, she’s here to surprise you again.

She was already Carol Brady, who, with apologies to Elise Keaton, June Cleaver, and Clair Huxtable, was the coolest television mom of all time.

She had an affair with Barry Williams (Greg Brady), which gave us years of creepy, troubling thoughts to think about.

She made America care about Wesson, using her patented “Wesson-ality” to make Americans really, really want to use cooking oil.

You’d think that would be enough for a career. Hell, it’s enough for 10 people’s careers. But no. My friends, Florence Henderson is back! With what I think is a pretty good idea.

I got an email from a woman who somehow found my blog, and friends, it is golden. It seems Mrs. Henderson has decided to launch “The FloH Club,” a telephone-based technical support service aimed to empower older adults who are scared of technology. (By the way, how fabulous is that name!)

Man, this would be PERFECT for my mother.  The press release goes on to say that “for young people, computers are fun and entertaining, a central and important part of their everyday lives. But for older adults who didn’t grow up with computers, they can be intimidating and frustrating.”

Seriously, this is fantastic. Now, when your Grandpa can’t figure out Skype, or your Aunt Betty is totally perplexed by uploading and viewing photos, she can call Flo! An annual subscription, which includes telephone operators guiding you through computer software issues,  costs $250. But a monthly subscription is just $25, or the amount Greg Brady spent when he took that girl to the drive-in on one episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

IF you want more info about this (and I’m legitimately considering buying this for two people I know), go to www.flohclub.com.

And here’s Florence talking about her idea: http://www.hulu.com/watch/101840/nbc-today-show-henderson-helps-seniors-stay-connected

**Continuing on our basketball theme from yesterday, here are two fun clips: The first is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar incorrectly answering a question wrong about UCLA on “Jeopardy.”

***The second is a very cool dunk from Lee University’s Larrques Cunningham, as part of some Midnight Madness festivity: