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Agassi’s incredible new book, fired up about the Jets, and um, yeah, a gator at Show and Tell


So I just got done reading the excerpts from Andre Agassi’s new autobiography, Open. Of course I’d heard the admission earlier in the week that he’d used crystal meth, but I didn’t want to really comment on it until I read the context, or at least heard more from Agassi about it. Unfortunately, I’m sure his drug admission will overshadow a lot of the other revelations in the book.

Couple reactions to this excerpt in Sports Illustrated, which I highly, highly recommend reading:

1. Man, what an unflinchingly honest book. If the rest of it is as good as these excerpts, I’m definitely reading it. I was never a big Andre fan, but as a huge tennis guy and a sports fan, this thing looks incredible. Clearly Agassi opened a vein and, as one of the most thoughtful guys on the Tour at the end, he certainly has a lot to share.

2. I always heard and read what an a-hole Mike Agassi was when Andre was a kid, but boy oh boy, he may rival some of the tennis’ other famous horrible parents. Speaking of, two parts in the excerpt that are worth the price alone: Agassi’s father meeting Steffi Graf’s father for the first time (stunningly, two such similar men don’t get along), and … the Jim Brown story.

3. I’m telling you, the Jim Brown story is fantastic.

4. Can’t really say I’m all that surprised about the crystal meth admission. Not that I thought Agassi was a drug user, but he did go through a couple of really down, dark periods during his life, when he was completely disinterested in tennis. When you’ve lived as sheltered an existence as he had, I’m not shocked he turned to drugs for a little while.

I’ll probably have more to say about Agassi and his remarkable life after I’ve read the book; it comes out on Nov. 9 and is already No. 9 on Amazon.

**So Jets-Dolphins games always get me fired up, but after the first game between these two ended in a Miami win in the final seconds, I’m super-pumped for this one (Plus, an extra hour o sleep probably helps).

I really truly think my boys are going to take this one; Jerricho Cotchery should play, which will help Mark Sanchez. The Jets D has to play better against the stupid Wildcat offense, and the home crowd should help a little.

So many things are out there for the Jets if they win Sunday: a 5-3 record heading into the bye, a legit shot at 10 wins and maybe even a division title.

If they lose … well, I’m sure I’ll work that out on the blog on Monday.


**So this cracked me up, and of course, it happened here in my adopted state of Florida. A fish and wildlife officer brought a five-foot-long alligator to his daughter’s class in Panama City Beach. And, of course, Mr. Gator decides it’s time to do a little roaming, so the gator escapes.

How’d you like to be the principal of that school, and the parents call all frantic that an alligator is loose and they can’t find it. “Oh, don’t worry Mrs. Jones, I’m sure the alligator isn’t in the school!”

The glorious details are here.