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The Jets crush me again, Yanks one win away, and an exciting new place to buy beer

*Nov 01 - 00:05*

I’m getting more than a little sick and more than a little tired of this losing to the damn Dolphins, New York Jets.

I’m also stunned that the Gang Green can completely throttle the Miami offense, holding them to 104 yards, can gain 378 yards on offense on their own, and still lose the game.

How the hell do you give up two 100-plus yard kickoff returns in the same game? In a row???? I mean, after the first one, don’t you just, I don’t know, KICK AWAY FROM TED GINN!!???? Shonn Greene’s fumble also led to another touchdown by Jason Taylor (God I’ve hated him for so long), and somehow the Jets managed to lose this game, 30-25, and fall to 4-4 on the season.

This team’s record is actually perfect; they’re a so-so football team. They can’t put everything together in one game, and it’s mind-boggling. They run the ball well like they have the last few weeks, and then they can’t throw. Then Mark Sanchez plays great in the second half Sunday, and the special teams screws up. Or Sanchez plays well like in the first Miami game, and the special teams are good, and the defense sucks.

Truly, this is one of the more mystifying Jets teams of my lifetime. So frustrating, losing to the Fins, and listening to their fans at Houligan’s (my sports bar) all excited and giddy after the game.

Also, Jets linebacker Bart Scott, ye of your sarcastic comments after the game: Shut the hell up. You and the rest of the Jets have no right to talk any smack whatsoever, about the Dolphins, about the Middle East, about ANYTHING. You’re 4-4, which is not that good. So please, be quiet until the team has proven something.

The Jets are off next week. Good. I need a break. And so does the carpet at Houligan’s, all my pacing has probably worn it out.

Some other NFL ramblings from Sunday:

**It has to stink to be a Green Bay Packers fan today. Not only do you lose to Minnesota, but even after you lustily boo Brett Favre, the Vikings and ole’ No. 4 come into Lambeau Field and win easily, as the Indecisive One throws four touchdowns to beat you. I was actually surprised there weren’t more cheers for Favre; I mean, I know the fans are pissed, but he did give you 16 good years. I guess it’s just too soon to forgive him.

**Hey, remember when the Giants were, like, good? They were undefeated and cruising and all was swell.

Yeah, I can’t remember that either. Man did they look awful in losing to the Eagles.

*** So, maybe the Carolina Panthers aren’t horrendous after all. And maybe Arizona isn’t that good. The NFL sure has a lot of mostly crappy, but not entirely terrible, teams this year. Buffalo, Carolina, Seattle, Jacksonville, and plenty more.

**Eric Mangini just looks miserable right now. The old Jets coach was practically whimpering in his post-game news conference after yet another pathetic performance by his Cleveland Browns, a 30-6 loss to the Bears. I almost feel a little sorry for the guy, but you know, he sort of made his own bed there, by picking a lot of the players himself, and by playing musical chairs with his terrible QBs.

**On the World Series: I think Jorge Posada ran the equivalent of the New York City Marathon Sunday, walking back and forth to the mound for conferences with Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia. But hey, whatever works.

**This series will probably go back to New York with the Yankees up 3-2; I fully expect Cliff Lee of the Phils to dominate Monday night and keep his team alive. But then, in Andy Pettitte I trust. Still can’t believe A-Rod is coming up so clutch; it’s like he’s a different person.

**Also, I think it’s very cool that between the microphones and the HD technology, you can hear the home plate umpire tell the batter and catcher where the pitch was. Several times Sunday I heard the ump say “a little outside,” or “low.”

I don’t think we appreciate it enough, but watching sports in 2009 is just an unbelievable experience.


***OK, this isn’t really football news but it sorta is. As if there weren’t enough weird things about the Washington Redskins, as if it weren’t despicable enough that owner/dictator Dan Snyder has sued season ticket holders who couldn’t pay for their seats due to the recession, now there’s this:

Apparently the Redskins have been selling beer at FedEx Field in the bathroom. Seriously, that is pretty disgusting.

But as the article says (and man do I wish I thought of this line), it brings new meaning to the term “revenue stream.”