Daily Archives: November 9, 2009

The Colts and Saints survive, and I have a relaxing Sunday. And bank robbers’ etiquette.


Always a relaxing Sunday when the Jets have a bye week.  I don’t yell and scream, I don’t pace all that much, and I’m not constantly on the phone with my Dad or other members of my Jets posse ranting and raving or hooting and hollering.

Enjoyed quite a lot of good football Sunday; went to a different sports bar than I usually do. You know how sometimes you just need a little change in your routine? Well, I thought I did. Only this place, well, stunk. Its TVs were spread all over the place, so it was hard to watch more than one game.

Then they were out of the sandwich I ordered, then the sodas tasted weird (like the formula was way off), then my second lunch choice took like 40 minutes for me to get it (the very exotic burger de cheese).

So, yeah, back to Houligans next week.

Anyway, the football action, as I saw it:

**I know it sounds strange to say this considering he and his team only won by 3, but I continue to be so incredibly amazed by Peyton Manning. The guy gets better and better; he’s like Roger Federer to me in that the more I watch Manning, the more impressed I am. Texans-Colts was my main viewing game Sunday (I usually am watching 3 or 4 at once, but one is usually the one I pay closest attention to), and I just marvel at Manning.

Every throw is where it needs to be; his receivers are almost always catching the ball in stride. He doesn’t hold the ball too long like he used to, and you just always believe he’s going to lead his team to a win. The guy is just unreal.

**Crushing, crushing loss for the Texans. You come back from 13-0 down, watch Manning go down the field to take the lead, and then your quarterback, Matt Schaub, brings you back down the field and gets you in position for the tying field goal. Then Kris Brown blows the 42-yarder.

This is why players sometimes hate kickers.

***Man, the Giants are the most puzzling team right now. They go 5-0 to start the year, and now have lost four straight. Tom Coughlin totally wimped out not going for the put-away touchdown when the G-Men were up 17-14; he played it Catholic-schoolgirl-on-a-first date safe, simply going for the field goal to go up 6. So then of course Philip Rivers leads the Chargers down for the winning touchdown.

** Tip to fantasy football owners: Always pick up the defense that’s playing the Browns, Raiders or Redskins. I had the Falcons’ D this week against the Skins. Jason Campbell is the gift that keeps on giving.

**Hell of a win on the road by Dallas, though I hate to give them any credit. The Eagles just can’t convert on a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. Stunning.

** OK, so it’s not quite to the level of Bob Dance commercial annoyance, but those idiotic Coors Light ads that run every five seconds during NFL games, the ones with the two morons yelling down to Brian Billick and Dennis Green and Mike Ditka about beer? Please, make them stop. They’re not funny, they never were funny, and I want to throw something at the TV when they come on. Thank you.


**So here’s something kind of cool. There’s a web site, called banknotes365.com dedicated to printing the exact wording of the notes that bank robbers hand tellers when they’re committing the crime.

I found it fascinating that some of them say please (type in “please” in the search bar to bring those up), while other ones request “no dye packs please.” Like it’s a restaurant and they want no mushrooms or cilantro with their meal.

I only wish we also had a record of the conversation between the robbers moments before. Guaranteed, they all include the line, “Man, this is definitely going to work. No way we’re going to get caught.”