Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

Interviewing crying people, the world’s most vain criminal, and a little Duke basketball

So in my continuing quest to share with you what it’s like to be a sportswriter, I give you this: Saturday afternoon, after a regional final volleyball match, I spent 5-10 minutes waiting for teenage girls to stop crying. So I could interview them.

It’s one of those parts of sportswriting that no one ever teaches you, but as long as you cover high school girls sports, it’s going to be an issue. There’s no one way to dealing with it; you try to be a sensitive human and a good reporter at the same time.

I wrote a whole post about what it’s like dealing with this awkward situation last February on my News-Journal blog, so instead of re-hashing the whole thing, I’d ask you to please click here for my take.

**So, from the annals of “Really, really stupid criminals,” I give you this week’s grand champion, Matt Maynard of Swansy, England.

Seems Mr. Maynard, wanted by police on a burglary charge, didn’t like the mugshot police supplied to the local newspaper. Wasn’t flattering to him, apparently.

So Maynard took a photo of himself (the one on the right, above), in front of a police van, no less, and sent the South Wales Evening Post a different photo. Isn’t he just so helpful?

Maynard was, of course, soon caught. The fool.

This reminds me of the old Seinfeld bit where he talks about the “Most Wanted” posters at the post office. He wonders, “Why don’t they just hold on to this guy while they’re taking his picture?”

**Finally, a few words, the first of the season, on my Duke basketball boys. Got to see them play for the first time tonight, and I was very excited. Yeah, they beat UNC-Charlotte (I know they’re called “Charlotte” now, but it sounds weird to me), not exactly a power, but good things happened all over the place.

Nolan Smith finally played like the guy I’ve seen spurts of the past two years. Kyle Singler looks like a totally different guy, slimmed down and ready to play the 2 guard all year (though I wonder if he’ll be quick enough to stop the really good shooting guards in the ACC). Miles Plumlee looks to have improved 1,000 percent from last year.

This is going to be an odd Duke team. My whole life, they’ve had at least two or three great perimeter guys. Now, they’re a bunch of giants and just a couple of quick guards. It’ll be great in some ways, not so good in others, I’m sure.

But still, a good start.

I’m so happy college basketball season is here. And I’ll be even happier when the Tar Heels of UNC lose their first game.