Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

My guiltiest of guilty pleasures, and U.S. newspaper readers are cheap

So I’ve got as many guilty pleasures as the next guy. I’ve already written about my previous obsession with “Melrose Place.” I find truly awful reality TV like “The Two Coreys” endlessly compelling.

But without a doubt, my absolute favorite guilty pleasure is the holy goodness that is US Weekly. I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculously cheesy and mindless US Weekly is, and I’m sure I don’t have to since no doubt you’ve seen it.

But my absolute favorite part of US Weekly? Their 2-page “Stars, They’re Just Like Us!” feature. I don’t think the editors of this fine publication realize how hilariously silly it is. You’re trying to tell me that even celebrities drink coffee from Starbucks, walk their dogs, and pick up their dry cleaning? NO WAY!

I’m not sure if I think it’s offensive that there are people out there who really and truly don’t think celebrities are just like us, but I sure as hell find it funny to read.

Every time I’m on line at the supermarket, I check for US Weekly and my favorite feature.

I’m bringing this all up to you now, my dear readers, because while talking to my beloved Wednesday night on the phone, she told me a friend at school brought her a stash of old US Weekly magazines yesterday. I have eight US Weeklies waiting for me when I get home!

Life is indeed worth living.

**So I saw this in the New York Times the other day and realized yet again what an uphill battle the newspaper industry faces.

A survey of newspaper readers in nine Western countries revealed that U.S. readers are less willing, and would spend the last amount of money, in paying for newspaper content on the Internet.

Only 48 percent of those surveyed in these here United States said they’d pay for content, and those who would pay say they’d only cough up $3 a month, tied for Australia for the lowest amount.

We will spend $29.99 on a Snuggie, and $3 on newspaper content?