So bad, they’re good:The secret thrill of ugly Christmas sweaters

Because we Americans will find any excuse whatsoever to have a theme party, I present to you the newest rage that’s sweeping our land this holiday season:

Ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Seriously.  This is a thing now. Ugly Christmas sweaters, long the scourge of people who know people with really bad taste everywhere, are now a hit. People are wearing them to parties, and celebrating the true awfulness that is dashing reindeer on wool. I guess it’s fun to drink eggnog and look at people who’s shirts are even uglier than the one you have on. The drunker you get, maybe the better the sweater looks!

Personally, I don’t think some of these sweaters are SO bad, but wait, as I duck the mallet thrown at me from my wife after typing that sentence. Anyway, for a true taste of ugly sweaters, check out, and this great 5-minute piece by my hero Bill Geist (seriously, he has the best job in the world and I want it) on CBS Sunday Morning:

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