A very cool exhibit at the Met, a random realization that I’m getting old, and maybe the drunkest woman ever

**So I saw the best movie I’ve seen in years, Up In The Air, on Wednesday night. Have lots of thoughts, but want to let them simmer in my brain for another day. Tomorrow, a long post about George Clooney, and how outstanding this movie was.

Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Wednesday with my mom and stepfather, and saw an extremely interesting photo exhibit. It’s by a Swiss-born shooter named Robert Frank, who during a few years in the mid 1950s toured America taking haunting, beautiful photographs of what he saw. The two I pasted above are just two of 83 pictures on display, taken from Frank’s book, “The Americans.”

Shot in black and white, the pictures are gorgeous and show an America just before social revolution. If you’re in NYC, I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s more info about it.

(And while I’m on the subject of museums, can someone tell me why the docents always chase you out 20 minutes before the museum closes? Really annoys me when at 5:10, they tell you to scram, when the place is open until 5:30.)

**Two random thoughts from today and yesterday that were rattling around in my brain today, with no real link connecting them:

— I’ve been using automated hand dryers in public bathrooms for most of my life, and I have always hated them, and still do. No matter how long you leave your hands under there, they never get the drying job done as well as paper towels. I know the hand-dryers are supposed to be better for the environment, yada yada yada. But my hands are still always wet, and that annoys me.

— Was sitting around with two of my oldest and closest friends at an NYC diner the other night, and it occurred to me that one of the great nights of my life was spent with them and my other best friend Marc, at a similar diner, the night before the first one of us was leaving for college. We sat at the North Shore Diner for hours, drinking coffee, toasting to memories from our childhood, and having one more incredible night together before we began the slow, inexorable parting of friends when you’re no longer together every day.

I thought about that, smiled inside, then realized that that wonderful night was now half a lifetime ago.

It’s the damnedest thing when age sneaks up on you like that.

**Finally, another amazing but true story from The Smoking Gun. Apparently a South Dakota woman was found passed out drunk behind the wheel of her car, and her blood alcohol level was a .708. That’s not a misprint. That is eight times the legal limit. EIGHT TIMES! I’m wondering lots of things about Marguerite Engle, the woman involved.

Like, how is she still alive being that drunk? How was she able to even walk out to her car in that condition? And will college students from around the country flock to her for advice on how to get that drunk and still live?


One response to “A very cool exhibit at the Met, a random realization that I’m getting old, and maybe the drunkest woman ever

  1. Too bad. I was hoping you would be blogging on last night’s Rangers game

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