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So, how are they going to blow it this time? And JibJab brings the funny

My mind started wondering about it on the flight home from New York Saturday night, and I’m sure it will occupy my thoughts throughout Sunday:

How are the New York Jets going to blow this game tonight? Because make no mistake, my friends, they will blow it.

I know, it seems like the football gods have set up everything perfectly for them. Last game ever at Giants Stadium. They’re playing a Bengals team with nothing to play for, having locked up the No. 4 playoff seed in the AFC. All the Jets have to do is win, and they’re in the playoffs. But they’re going to blow it.

The drama, and the agony, is in how. Will it be a Mark Sanchez interception in the final three minutes, with the Jets driving for the winning field goal or touchdown?

Will it be a key fumble by our Butterfingers running back Shonn Greene, as he goes into the end zone in the fourth quarter? Maybe it’ll be a missed tackle on a run by Cedric Benson that goes for the winning score. Or, my old favorite, the missed field goal (hey Doug Brien, are you available tonight?) at the gun.

I will watch, and I will root like hell, and they will lose. I know this, and it’s OK.

I’m not the only journalist who has an unhealthy obsession with the Jets: check out this great column from Bob Herbert in Saturday’s N.Y. Times.

Bengals 21, Jets 10. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And, for some more suffering for Jets fans, here’s this classic YouTube of some of their greatest Draft-day blunders (pity this thing stops in the 1990s; they miss out on Vernon Gholston and DeWayne Robertson.)

***So Jibjab.com always puts out hilarious political videos; they also do a year-end roundup of news. Never fails to bring the funny.

Here’s their 2009 recap; they hit all the high notes and the illustrations are fantastic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.