Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

My five favorite years. And Michael Steele, the gift that keeps on giving

So just for fun, with the new year upon us, and so many people talking about this being “their best year ever,” I thought about what the five favorite years of my life have been:

1. 2003. Really, just for the last two months of the year, and specifically, Dec. 13. That’s the day I met my wife. Hard to pick a better year than that.

2. 2004. Was totally happy in all areas of my life: loved my job, was in the first few blissful months of a relationship, and almost helped get a man nominated for President (volunteer work for John Edward in New Hampshire, so much fun working with others for a common cause).

3. 2007. Got married, and had an amazing honeymoon in Paris. Course, the wedding day itself was wonderful. All the stress leading up to it? Eh, not so much.

4. 1993: Graduated from Commack High School (shockingly, I wasn’t valedictorian; those 187 people ahead of me must’ve played less Nintendo) and a few months later started college. Started four great years filled with wonderful people and experiences at the U. of Delaware.

5. 1997: Finally got out into the real world, graduating college and moving to North Carolina, where I got my first real dose of the South. That year, it involved people telling me to “slow down, you’re talking too fast,” being called “honey” and “sugar” by waitresses, and learning the glory that is a “meat and three” restaurant. (Delicious).

**Been out of the political loop for a few weeks, but was delighted to see Michael Steele saying stupid things again in the last few days. Our favorite GOP party chairman just loves acting and talking like a fool, and he’s back at it.  First Mr. Steele went on Fox News and promised that the No. 1 priority for Republicans in 2010 is to repeal the health care bill, something that hasn’t even passed yet.

Forget that health care reform is wildly popular, and that presenting your party’s best idea and No. 1 goal as defeating something that’s already passed, instead of coming up with new ideas, isn’t exactly a winning electoral strategy.

But then, because Michael Steele just loves saying dumb things, he was at it again Monday. He was on Sean Hannity’s show (always a bastion of fair debate), and said the GOP wasn’t going to take back the House in the 2010 elections. Then he said even if they did, they might not be ready to lead.

Attaway to fire up your candidates there, Mike! Can you give a pep talk to the Jets this Saturday?

I love Michael Steele.