Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

My “Jersey Shore” dilemma, Mom’s new word, and the most hysterical sports announcer ever

Here at Wide World of Stuff, I often wrestle with the pressing issues of our time:

Is America a country that tortures innocent suspects? What can we do to solve the hunger problem in the world?

And of course: “Jersey Shore.” Do I watch or do I ignore?

It’s that last one that’s roiled my wife and I the last few days. By now I’m sure you know all about the train-wreck television show that is “Jersey Shore,” MTV’s latest and apparently, most offensive reality show. From what I’ve gathered, a bunch of Italian 20-somethings live in a house in on the New Jersey Shore and get into adventures and drama.

I’ve heard nothing but horrible things. My friend and co-worker Casey, who watches some of the best and worst TV of anyone I know, told me that “after I watch Jersey Shore, I just feel bad about myself, and human beings in general.”

Others have said it’s so bad, it’s good. I’ve read it called “the most offensive show ever” Still others have urged me to stay far, far, away, and never look back.

Still, I wonder. I occasionally love good train-wreck television. I watched an entire season of “The Two Coreys,” because dammit, Feldman and Haim were awesome in the 1980s. I even gave “Outsider’s Inn” a few episodes; that was the remarkably bad CMT show where Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady), Chynna Phillips and Bobby Brown ran an inn in Tennessee (and for the record, hilarity did not ensue).

But this “Jersey Shore” thing, well, I just don’t know. Do I want to watch a show with people named “J-Woww” and one who calls his body “The Situation?” Will it offend me, or weirdly fascinate me, sucking me into its vortex?

Help me out, dear readers. My remote control is in your hands.

***So I’m not sure what this means for my Mom, the Democratic Party, or the world, but the other day when talking about health care reform, and the compromises that are being made in Washington, my sweet mother called the Democrats in Congress “pansies.”

My mother has never used that word before. I didn’t even know it was in her vocabulary.

I’m a little frightened, frankly. Those Democrats better shape up, or she’ll break out the really big snaps.

**Finally, all of you who think Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan have set the standard for hysterical sports announcing, I’ve got a guy who blows them away. He’s calling an Italian League soccer game, and the team he’s clearly rooting for, Inter Milan, scores two goals in the final minutes to win. It really gets good about :26 in, and the shot at 2:18 just kills me.