Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

The sad tale of John and Elizabeth, and a whole lotta “Big Love.”

You could say I asked for it, the utter and complete disappointment I felt at the collapse of John Edwards.

I bought in completely back in 2003, even though I knew most politicians are phonies, that they tell you what they want to hear, and that they’re not worth the physical and emotional investment people like me, the true believers, invest in them.

But still, just because I knew it could end badly, and maybe I was naive when I spent months volunteering for him in New Hampshire and New York in the winter of 2003-04, doesn’t make it any less sad, as over the past year the real John Edwards has been revealed.

The shallow, egomaniacal, out-of-control philanderer who keeps on being exposed, the latest evidence coming in this excerpt from a new book about the 2008 campaign just out, “Game Change.”

If you follow politics, you probably know by now that John comes off like an awful person in the book; forget just the cheating on his wife, he’s seen as a tyrannical, obsessed human being who lusted for power like I lust for chocolate chip cookies.

What’s more surprising is Elizabeth, who up till now had a sparkling reputation, comes off in the book as a fairly evil shrew. Screaming at staffers that “none of you get health care coverage until John and I do,” going on wild behavioral mood swings, and often acting like a total jerk. It’s so at odds with her public reputation that my first reaction to all these revelations was “No, that can’t be true.”

But it is, presumably, and a man I once felt so certain was going to be our next President, a man whose 2004 campaign I put my heart and soul into, is revealed yet again to be just another lying, scheming politician.

I don’t think watching Edwards’ downfall has made me more cautious about believing in politicians, nor has it shaken my belief that all of the ideas and principal points he was making while running for President were correct.

I still believe in what he preached out on the stump.

Sometimes, the message has to outlive the man. I’m waiting for someone else with a chance at power to talk about the extreme poverty in this country that no one wants to confront. Someone else to talk about the “Two Americas,” and all the other issues John Edwards championed.

Someone will pick up that mantle. The man and his wife have been disgraced, but the message must live on, for someone else to grab onto, and lift up so many who want to believe.

**So as usual I’m a few days late on this, but the new season of “Big Love” started on HBO Sunday, and I’m quite happy. I love this show, have loved it from the start, even though each season the storylines and the characters get more and more ridiculous.

Still, a great start to the season in the first episode, I thought. I’m glad that damn casino they’ve been talking about forever is finally open, and I’m also glad Roman Grant is finally dead, because man, if he was somehow alive after being strangled by Joey at the end of last season, I was done with the show for sure.

The acting was typically great; I can never decide if Margene or Nikki is my favorite wife. And Albie, oh Albie, you know better than to go cruising for a quickie in a public park!

Can’t wait to see where they go next with the story; poor Bill always seems so overwhelmed each episode, I’m thinking he has to have a breakdown at some point.

Until he does, though, the show is great fun.