Daily Archives: January 21, 2010

The incredible UConn women. 4 days till Gameday. And a rough loss for the Dukies

So I’m not really that big a fan of women’s basketball. Oh, I love that there’s a WNBA, so young women hoopsters have something to aspire to.  But I don’t really watch much women’s basketball on TV, except for maybe the Final Four, and an occasional Duke-Carolina game (Hey, I’ll watch Duke-Carolina in badminton. Anything Duke-Carolina, I’m there.)

And I really don’t care for Connecticut women’s coach Geno Auriemma. I think he’s arrogant, rude and a poor sport. He makes fun of any program that dares take a top recruit from him, and he rules with an iron fist, cowering all who dare challenge him.

But given all that, I am right now a huge admirer of the incredible streak the Huskies program is on. It’s not just that they’ve won 57 consecutive games, the second-longest streak in women’s Division I history. It’s the way they’re beating teams.

They’re positively crushing everyone they play. During this remarkable run of 57 straight, they’ve won every game by at least 10 points. Do you realize how difficult that is to do? You’re getting everyone’s best shot, everyone wants to play their absolute best against you, and none of them are even coming close.

And this isn’t one of those Memphis John Calipari deals, where they only beat bad teams. Lately UConn has been beating up everyone who’s supposedly ranked close to them. They beat No.2 Stanford by 12. Then No. 7 UNC by 31. Then the Huskies destroyed No. 3 Notre Dame by 24, and Monday night they just throttled No. 7 Duke in Cameron Indoor, 81-48.

They play beautiful team basketball, with no egos and a wonderful flair. Check out their highlights like I’ve been lately, if you love the sport and want to see something special, something historic, in this sport.

Teams like this don’t come around too often.

***So it’s been hard for me concentrate on work this week. I’m all Jets, all the time. I think I had a dream last night that Darrelle Revis and I were in a mall together. Or maybe it was just me and Damien Woody, I can’t remember. I’m waiting for the Jets to announce how Super Bowl tickets will be dispersed, should they get there. I’m told it’ll be a lottery, and I have a scary feeling it’ll only be open to season-ticket holders. That’s OK, after waiting 34 years for this moment, I’ll find a way into the stadium.

Anyway, been reading everything I can about the Jets-Colts matchup Sunday, and my initial euphoria is starting to turn to concern. Yes, I still think the Jets can win. But I don’t see how they’re going to rattle Peyton Manning when the guy never gets sacked, and hardly ever gets hit. Dallas Clark is unstoppable. Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, rookie QB Mark Sanchez … oy.

I’m officially nervous. Sunday at 3 cannot get here fast enough.

***So every couple of years my Duke boys go into Raleigh and N.C. State wipes away years of frustration and kicks the holy hell out of the Blue Devils. It happened again Wednesday night; you’d think I’d cease being surprised after a while, but nope, kicked me in the shins again.

State played a great game, no doubt about it. They hustled and rebounded and made some incredibly athletic plays. But Duke looked awful on defense. And not just Brian Zoubek and Miles Plumlee, I mean everybody. They’re 0-3 on the road now, Singler’s still not shooting well, and nobody seems to ever want to pass to Andre Dawkins, even though he’s like the best shooter on the team.

Duke is 0-3 on the road, and at Clemson Saturday night in a national TV game. Uh-oh.