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A reason to love Ted Olson. The Beckham crotch-grab. And what’s the greatest movie you’ve never seen?

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There are all kinds of reasons to not like Ted Olson if you’re a bleeding heart liberal like me. The guy’s an arch-conservative. Worked for Reagan. Helped W. get into the White House by being the lead counselor in a little Supreme Court case called Bush vs. Gore.

But Ted Olson is a very smart man, and now he’s in the middle of a potentially groundbreaking legal case that, not surprisingly, isn’t getting a lot of attention in the mainstream press. Olson is representing two gay couples in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, trying to get Proposition 8 in California overturned, on the grounds that the anti gay-marriage amendment is unconstitutional. (Those are the lead plaintiffs in the photo above, Kris Perry and Sandy Stier)

It’s a brave move for a Republican like Olson, but when you hear and his arguments, you’ll see why equality for all is so inevitable.

Read this brilliant Newsweek essay he wrote, and watch as he bats down every conceivable argument against equality. Go ahead, it’s all in there. I encourage my Republican friends (all three of you!) to be among the ones who read this; I defy anyone to state a legitimate reason why two people who love each other should not be allowed to marry.

**Ah, the wonderful investigative journalists out there would be so proud of this Italian reporter who decided to see if David Beckham, the world’s most-famous soccer player, really was as well-endowed as is rumored.

Mike Wallace and Sy Hersh, eat your heart out. The fun starts at the 2:10 mark.

***So under the category of “Things you overhear at the post office,” this got me thinking:

So I’m in a really long line at the post office the other day, pondering why it is that the guy ahead of me always has like 17 boxes to mail at once, and they each have to be weighed separately, when a loud guy and equally loud woman behind me start talking about old movies.

They’re going on and on about the guy’s father getting him into old Westerns, and the classics, yada yada yada, then a woman on line overhears, and she starts talking about “Gone With The Wind.” And the guy says, “You know, I’ve never seen that movie.”

At which point the two women recoil in horror as if they’d just seen a rattlesnake crawling out of the priority shipping box. “You’ve never seen “Gone With the Wind???” They are just utterly bewildered by this statement.

And I’m sitting there and it dawns on me: I’ve actually never seen the tale of Rhett and Scarlett either. Shocking, I know. I’m a big movie fan, I’ve seen a majority of the films on that AFI Top 100 movies list that came out about 10 years ago, but I’ve never seen “Gone With The Wind.” Never seen “The Sound of Music,” or “Psycho,” either. But in my defense, I have seen “The Princess Bride” about 412 times.

Now that I’ve publicly shamed myself, I vow to see at least those three this year: So I ask you, dear reader: What’s the greatest movie you’ve never seen? I promise, no shame will come to you upon admittance.