The death of Air America, enhanced TV, and Digger Phelps dancing

OK, I admit a lot was going on in the world last week, but I was a little wrapped up in Jets hysteria to blog about much of it.

So, a little catching-up today. And remember, check out my blog on the Australian Open, which is really heating up, by clicking here.

R.I.P, Air America.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Hey, there’s so much right wing talk radio out there, let’s start a liberal radio station!

I mean really, it had to work. Except, it never really did. Air America had all kinds of trouble form the start. It had money, then it burned through it like Sherman through Atlanta (thought I’d get all Civil War on you there, for no apparent reason). It had talent, then the talent left. It couldn’t get on the air in major American cities where, you know, a lot of liberals lived.

I swear I’ve read that it died four or five times since it was born in 2004, but this time, apparently, it’s really dead. (Real good article by Time’s Richard Corliss at the link).

Air America ceased broadcasting Monday night at 9 p.m. It’s too bad, because it really should’ve worked. Sure, liberals still have our NPR, but that’s not enough. There’s so much right-wing crap out there being spewed through the airwaves, it would take 10 Air Americas to balance it out.

Oh well. It was a good idea.

***So sometimes the people who run the cable companies do little things to make life so much better, I need to thank them.

I know, thanking cable companies is like thanking Standard Oil or GM years ago; who could thank the cable companies? Aren’t they all evil?

Not when they do stuff like give me enhanced TV. Apparently, Julie and I discovered Sunday, we can now stumble upon a show or movie we like 20 minutes in, hit our “select” button on our remote, and the show or movie instantly goes back to the beginning of the show!

We were like, “Wow.” She thinks it’s creepy. I think it’s awesome. How many times do you stumble upon a favorite movie and wish you had found it half-hour earlier?

Yeah, Bright House Networks, my cable company. Bravo.

***And finally, the irrepressible Digger Phelps, ESPN’s crazy college basketball analyst, dancing with a Clemson cheerleader. I watched this three times and laughed harder each time. Maybe only college basketball fans will think this is really funny, but give it a shot:

2 responses to “The death of Air America, enhanced TV, and Digger Phelps dancing

  1. Don’t worry Mikey — there’s still ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN…’ll be OK.

  2. This is a nice post… is usefull for my site!nice job.

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