Daily Archives: January 29, 2010

An 8-year-old’s fountain of wisdom. And a million free throws for our vets

Since it’s Friday, how about a couple of uplifting, happy stories to take you into the weekend?

First, let me introduce you to the prolific blogger named Calvin. He’s got wisdom, he’s got sass, and he’s got another two years until he hits double digits in age.

Calvin is 8, you see. But he’s got his own blog, called “Calvin’s Tip of the Day,” and I stumbled upon it Wednesday, and well, he puts Huffington Post and Deadspin to shame.

The subtitle of his blog is: “Hard-won wisdom from 8 2/3 years of living.” Here are a couple of his sample posts, to give you a taste, but I highly recommend clicking and reading for yourself:

Calvin on male bonding: When your mom’s out of town and it’s just you, your dad, and your brother, try to do as much fun stuff as you can.  Have a friend over for a sleepover.  Go to a good restaurant for lunch.  Play lots of games.  Get a toy from Target.  Do all the “guy” stuff you can, while the girl in your family is out of town.  If you end up going to a little kids’ birthday party and you’re the oldest one there and you don’t really like birthday cake, it’ll still be okay, because you’ll have had a really awesome time anyways.
And, then, after a while, it’s nice when your mom comes home.  Because, eventually, you really can have a little too much guy time.

Calvin on ketchup blood, pro and con: Faking that you’re bleeding by pouring ketchup on yourself is a bad idea.  You might actually end up in the hospital and that wouldn’t be good. On the other hand, you could use the ketchup on your body to dip the french fries that you buy at the drive thru on the way home from the hospital.

Calvin on wrecking stuff: If you have a big bouncy yoga ball and you’re playing this awesome game with a screwdriver “gun,” you might want to throw the screwdriver gun at the ball to pretend your gun got shot out of your hand.  The problem is that the screwdriver gun is pointy and the ball is full of air.  If the point of the screwdriver gun hits the ball it will probably pop.  And if the ball is not yours, you’ll probably have to pay to replace it . . . or at least pay for half of it.  I speak from experience.

OK, you get the idea. Check out my new favorite blogger when you get a chance. If you don’t have a smile on your face within five minutes, I guarantee you your money back.

**And now let me introduce  you to Dave Cummings. He’s a 42-year-old New Hampshire man who decided, after hearing Barack Obama’s call to action speech on Election Night, 2008, that he wanted to do something to help American soldiers and their families. So, using one of his talents (which he says are few), he’s decided to try to make one million free throws by Nov., 2011 to raise money for Hoops for Heroes, a charity that helps military families.

Do you have any idea how many free throws a million is? To reach his goal by Veterans Day, 2011, (he started on Veterans Day, 2009) he needs to make 1,370 a day for two years. So far, he’s on pace, shooting every day, whenever he gets home from work, or before work. How do we know he’s really making a million shots? He shoots video of every shot and uploads it to his website, and if he doesn’t get it on camera, he doesn’t count it.

It’s a wonderful gesture that’s starting to resonate a little with the public; check out his website here, and if you can spare a dollar or two, this is a good cause.

Here’s how I heard about Dave; NPR’s wonderful show Only A Game did a story on him. Listen to it here.