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A bizarre Federer bet from the grave. And an Elena Delle Donne update-Go Hens!

So I thought I knew all the ways you could make money off the legend that is Roger Federer, but apparently I missed one.

And since I’m always looking for an excuse to write about my favorite athlete ever, check this out:

A British man named Nicholas Newlife from Kidlington, Oxfordshire (in Southeast England) placed a series of futures bets with the William Hill agency between 2000 and 2005. Newlife bet on future tennis results achieved by Federer and Andy Roddick, as well as some cricket player I’ve never heard of (though that’s just about all of them).

His bets included 250 pounds on Federer winning at least 14 Grand Slams before 2020 (that one paid off to the sum of 16,750 pounds), and 1,520 pounds on Federer winning at least 7 Wimbledon titles, which he’ll do if he wins Wimbledon again this summer. That bet would be worth a cool 101,000 pounds.

So our man Mr. Newlife will be rolling in dough, right? Um, not so much. Newlife died in 2009, but in his will he stated that the profits from any future winnings on the best go to Oxfam, a United Kingdom human aid agency that helps out those affected by disasters, extreme poverty, etc.

If all of the Federer bets pay off, the charity could rake in more than a third of a million pounds, according to this article on the Oxfam blog.

The Andy Roddick bets? Newlife wasn’t too accurate on those. He bet Roddick would win 7 and then 10 Grand Slam singles titles before 2020. Not bloody likely.

But hey, now when Fed wins Wimbledon, you could say he really is helping the world!

**You may remember a while back I wrote about the great Elena Delle Donne, a freshman women’s basketball player at Delaware who, instead of going to powerhouse UConn, decided to stay home in the First State and play ball.

Well, Delle Donne’s fabulous season keeps going fabulously. Friday she and the Blue Hens (my alma mater, and believe me when I tell you, the women’s team used to really, really stink when I was there; I mean seriously, we’re talking like 100 people at the games) defeated Drexel in the Colonial Athletic Association quarterfinals.

Delle Donne had 30 points, and now UD is only two wins away from making the NCAA Tournament. Of course, they have to beat top-seeded Old Dominion today, which will be kinda hard. But it’s March, and they call it madness for a reason!

By the way, I’m startin’ to get that feeling again. We’re just a few days away from this: