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Urban Meyer, another bullying football coach. And names you’re glad you don’t have

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Of all the things I hate about sports, one of my biggest annoyances is the absolute bullies disguised as college football coaches.

That’s all a lot of these guys are: they get their way with everyone at their school, and they think their you know what doesn’t stink. They push, shove and demand they get their way, and they think they can treat other adults the same way they treat their 19-year-old players.

Florida’s Urban Meyer is a prime example. A few days ago, an Orlando Sentinel reporter named Jeremy Fowler wrote a story about the team’s new QB, John Brantley, and how he differs from the graduated (and already legendary) Tim Tebow.

Without going into all the details, Meyer wasn’t happy with how Fowler portrayed one of his player’s quotes, in the story.

So does Meyer take the reporter aside and talk to him? No. Does he issue a statement defending his player? no.

What Meyer does, because he’s a bully like so many of these guys, is decide to publicly confront and try to humiliate Fowler after practice Wednesday.

Ridiculous. And so typical of college football coach behavior.

**So I’ve never been a big fan of my name. Too common, too many other people have it, etc. My wife and I often joke that we have the two most common names of kids in the 70s, and that our parents were pretty boring in that way.

Well, sometimes you feel fortunate. Check out these people who have changed their names from their original birth monikers. Hey, how would you feel if your name was John Pearce Dick, or William Doody?