Daily Archives: March 30, 2010

The black man in the White House hosts a Seder. And a Twitter feed worth you time

Well, I knew there’d be all kinds of firsts in this White House. But this one, I never saw coming.

With it being Passover this week, there are seders being held around the world, as Jews celebrate their heritage, eat matzoh, and see relatives we haven’t seen in a long time.

And at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, home of the first African-American President, there was a seder, too.

Last I checked, Barack and Michelle Obama don’t go to synagogue, nor are they Jewish. But it’s a cool story about how they came to have a seder at the White House. (I wonder if Sasha or Malia found the hidden afikomen this year).

Check out the details from the New York Times here.

**So I’m not really into the whole Twitter thing. Frankly, I think Facebook updates, and this blog, are as far as my friends and family need to go with the minutiae of my life. What would I tweet? “Went to Walgreens tonite, noticed they had Tostitos on sale. Mmmm.” Thrilling.

Fact is, most Twitter feeds are boring. But I found a very useful and interesting one. It’s called Long Reads, and it links to some of the best long-form journalism in newspapers and magazines out there. Long stories are allegedly a dying art since no one has time to read them anymore, except in study after study it’s been shown that people on newspaper sites often click on the lengthiest stories the most.

Anyway, just in the last week on twitter.com/longreads I’ve found a funny Playboy interview with Sarah Silverman, a great Washington Post story about a Muslim-American soldier and his adventures in the wake of the Fort Hood shooting, and a cool GQ story about the CIA.

Check it out if you have time.