Where’s the safest place to hide from Mother Nature? An amazing baseball play. And sad Corey Haim details.

So these are the kinds of things I think about.

With the news of the massive California earthquake this week, I started thinking again about a question I’ve often pondered over the years.

Let’s say you can live anywhere you want in America, but you want to pick a part of the country that’s completely safe from natural disasters and extreme weather. Where would you go?

Clearly California is out, because earthquakes are almost as frequent as boob jobs out there. You can’t go to Texas or anywhere along the coast in the south, like Florida, Alabama or Mississippi, because hurricanes could kill you.

The Midwest is no good, because you’ve got tornados, and flooding that happens once in a while. Up in the northeast you’re going to deal with Nor’easters and extreme cold and a whole bunch of snow.

So where’s the safest place to live? The Southwest, maybe, but the heat is insane in Nevada, et al. I guess I’d say the Northeast, because at least they can pretty well predict when a big storm is coming, and you can leave or just stay indoors while it’s snowy and windy.

It amazes me, by the way, that in 2010, when science and technology and all that has come so far, that we still don’t have any clue when an earthquake is going to hit. No warning, nothing. Hard to believe.

**So I’ve said that I’m no longer a big baseball fan; Opening Day didn’t really mean much to me this year. But have you seen this incredible defensive play by White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle from Monday? Truly worth you time.

** I like women’s sports generally, and I tried to really get into Tuesday night’s UConn-Stanford women’s basketball championship game. There were great storylines everywhere; UConn going for 78 wins in a row, Stanford the last team to beat them, a close game between them earlier in the season.

But man, this was an u-g-l-y game. Really ugly. It was 20-12 at halftime, and there were more missed shots at the game than there’d be at a CYO youth matchup on a Saturday morning. Play picked up in the second half, and UConn won, 53-47.

Clearly, both teams had good defenses, but it was really not a good argument for the quality of women’s hoops. Which is too bad, because this Huskies team is truly exceptional.

But it was a really terrible game to sit through, especially after Monday night’s classic.

***Finally, more Corey Haim death news seems to trickle out each week. Tuesday a story broke from the California attorney general’s office that  he accumulated an astronomical total of 553 prescription pills in the weeks before he died.

He “doctor shopped” and used aliases and did all the things a drug user does to avoid getting caught.

Just like I said at the time, was there no one in his life who could’ve stopped this? No one who could’ve been a true friend and found out what was going on?

Maybe nothing could’ve been done. Addicts can’t be helped until they want to be helped, I suppose. Still, every single sign in the world was there that Haim was out of control and in need of help. And still, he died.

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