Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Virginia Gov. just a symbol of a larger problem. And Chris Rock, funny again

At first, I was kind of amused by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s bringing back “Confederate History Month,” and also forgetting to mention slavery in his proclamation.

I thought it was kind of like talking about World War II and not mentioning the Holocaust. And lots of people have poked fun at McDonnell, starting with a great column by Gail Collins of the NY Times here, and the Jon Stewart clip you should definitely watch here (not sure why this clip won’t embed).

But then I got to thinking about it some more, and I realized how pervasive this “forgetting” of slavery is in some parts of the South. I think about it when I see all the Rebel flag bumper stickers around Florida, or people walking around in Confederate flag T-shirts.

One hundred and fifty years later, there are still a huge number of people living in this part of the country who are pissed the North stuck their nose in the business of the South. The ones who still call the Civil War “The Act of Northern Aggression.”

It astounds and troubles me that there are still people who want to forget about slavery, or think of it as an afterthought.

Maybe, liked it does for Gail Collins, this goes along with my anger and shock about the Texas school board trying to rewrite history, as well.

Uncomfortable truths are so often brushed aside by people only wanting to see things for the way they wish they were.

The Confederate flag, everywhere it’s seen, is a disgusting symbol of oppression. And celebrating “Confederate History Month” only helps reinforce in some ignorant people’s minds that really, things weren’t so bad in Virginia in 1861.

Disturbing. Very disturbing.

**So on a funnier note, Chris Rock was awesome on Letterman the other night. I’m very hit and miss with Chris Rock; I love him most of the time, but sometimes he’s just too vulgar and not that funny with his comedy bits.

But just hanging out and talkin’ about Dave’s marriage woes, was hilarious.