Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

The greatest (or most disgusting) ice cream sundae ever. A Wii Fit question. And the Tiger commercial: Do you get it?

If there’s one thing we love here at this blog, it’s wacky or interesting or totally bizarre food concoctions. Every once in a while some culinary visionary comes up with something so spectacular, so impressive, or so nauseating, that I feel compelled to write about it.

Usually, these superlatives of the stomach seem to come from the sports world.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team’s newest concession stand offering.

You know how when you were a kid at Baskin-Robbins or some other ice cream place, they’d sometimes offer you a helmet sundae, with a scoop of ice cream in a mini batting helmet?

Well, this is basically the same concept behind the Fanatic Freeze, the Mud Hens’ newest dessert.

Except, it’s 15 scoops of ice cream served in an actual sized batting helmet. It’s 3,800 calories, and meant to serve at least seven or eight people.

Still … 15 scoops! That’s insane. I’d love to see two people try to eat that bad boy. They should give free tickets to anyone who can eat the whole thing themselves.

**OK, quick Wii Fit Plus question, to any of you out there as addicted to it as I am (random note: I finally got to the end in the advanced obstacle course game! I’d only been trying forever.)

Sometimes when you’re doing the Wii Fit, and you’re training with the personal trainer, you’ll start your workout and a guy will come on and say “Your regular trainer isn’t here today, so I’m going to fill in.”

Tell me: Where the hell does she go? She lives inside the CD the game is on. I mean seriously, is she off with another client in the next apartment? Is she taking a nap and can’t be bothered when I want to work out? Did she have errands to run across town?

I just find it so odd.

**Finally, I give up. I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck this new Nike Tiger Woods commercial means. I’ve watched it a few times, read Joe Posnanski’s analysis (he doesn’t have a clue, either), and asked some people I know what it’s about.

Nobody knows. Nobody can get over how weird it is to have Earl Woods’ disembodied voice talking to his son, while Tiger just stands there staring.

It’s just a stupid commercial, maybe, or maybe there’s a deeper meaning and I’m just not getting it.

See it for yourself and maybe you can tell me what it’s supposed to mean: