Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

David Simon and “Treme” look pretty good. Tragedy in Poland. And the Rangers come oh so close.

There are some things in life that are impossible to overstate.

The size of Andre the Giant. The deliciousness of fresh-baked cornbread hot out of the oven.

And the greatness that was the TV show “The Wire.”

I’m not going to waste time and space preaching about “The Wire;” I’ve done that plenty already. What I will say is that since it was one of the greatest shows ever on TV, I’d watch just about anything its creator, David Simon does.

His new show, “Treme,” about post-Katrina New Orleans, finally debuted Sunday night. My verdict? Very solid. Confusing, because there are so many characters and they talk in basically a foreign language (just like with “The Wire,” I can tell I’m going to need closed captioning sometimes with “Treme.”

Sure I was confused at times, but it’s the pilot, so it should be confusing and not altogether clear what’s going on with the characters.

So far, I can tell you the music is great, the acting (with John Goodman, Wendell Pierce (Bunk from “the Wire”, and Steve Zahn, among others) is excellent, and there are lots of places for the story to go.

If David Simon filmed a man reading a phone book, I’d watch it. He’s that brilliant. But this is a little more exciting than that.

Check it out, HBO-havers. I’m already looking forward to episode 2.

**What an unbelievable tragic day for the people of Poland Sunday. If you missed the news, a plane carrying the President of the country, along with many top political leaders, crashed in Russia, and all 88 people aboard were killed.

Such a horrible, unfathomable thing. Can you imagine a whole nation’s political leadership wiped out in a plane crash? Just awful. What makes it worse, perhaps, is that they were on their way to a memorial for Polish officers killed by Soviets during World War II.

Just so awful.

**Finally, Look, I was due for a sports letdown. I fully admit that.

The Yanks won the World Series last fall. Duke won an improbable national championship last week, in a tournament where everything fell perfectly for them. The Jets came one game away from reaching the Super Bowl in January (and they traded for Steelers star Santonio Holmes late Sunday night; good God that was a steal!).

So when the New York Rangers, my beloved hockey team, made a great run the past few weesk to salvage their awful season and come within a game of making the playoffs, I should’ve known they would fail.

Still, to fail in such exruciating fashion … The Rangers and Flyers were tied in points heading into their game Sunday, and the winner would go to the playoffs. The loser goes home for the summer. The damn thing went to overtime, and then a shootout, before Philly prevailed.

Hate the Flyers. Hate ’em. Of all teams to lose to, I hate losing to only the Islanders more than the Flyers.

I can’t really complain, though. At least I can enjoy the NHL playoffs now without sweating out Rangers games.