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“Glee” is back! A Dalai Lama question. And another blow in the fight against torture

So, so, so happy to have “Glee” back in my life. I missed it so.

If you’re not watching “Glee” yet, well, then you’re missing probably the best show on TV. It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s got great musical numbers, and best of all, the acting is good.

To refresh where we left off before Tuesday night’s return, Schu and Emma were sort of dating now, after Emma’s whole wedding to Ken sorta fell apart.  The “Glee” kids won sectionals, and the delightful Sue Sylvester was all kinds of pissed off at everything ( Jane Lynch better win an Emmy this year).


OK, my conscience is clear. So “Glee” rocked last night, very hard. Sue Sylvester was in rare form (“I am engorged with venom” might become my new catchphrase), and I’m glad they’re keeping Finn and Rachel apart. It’s way too obvious if they throw them together.

— I think Schu is starting to creep me out a little, and Emma’s voice didn’t bother me as much as it used to.

— It’s too obvious that Jesse St. James is a plant to screw up McKinley at sectionals. I want to give the writers more credit than that. There’s got to be something else planned.

— Britney: “Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” Freaking hilarious.

— Sue Sylvester as Madonna. Yeah, I can see that.

**So here’s a random question. I was reading last week about hacked emails of certain Chinese people and others critical of the Chinese government.

In the story came the news that the Dalai Lama’s email address was hacked and monitored for months by these dastardly criminals.

And my first thought was: The Dalai Lama has email? I mean, like, he gets the same Nigerian scams and Viagra ads as the rest of us? Does he have an out of office reply that says: “Mr. Lama is out of the office right now seeking spiritual harmony. He’ll reply when he finds it.”

I’m laughing right now picturing Mr. Lama on Facebook and Twitter. I’m guessing his Facebook status would always read the same way: The Dalai Lama … is at peace.

P.S. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life was this clip, below, from the old Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown reality show a few years ago, when ole’ Bobby runs into the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama had no clue who Bobby was, and Bobby kept repeating “Mr. Lama? I’m Whitney Houston’s husband” as if that was the ticket to understanding. Just killed me.

**Sigh, another week, another nail in the coffin of America as a nation that does not torture.

Read in the New York Times Tuesday that Dawn Johnsen had withdrawn as the Obama administration’s nominee for leader of the Office of Legal Counsel.

That’s the office that’s responsible for helping keep the war on terror legal, the office that tried without much success to stop the bullet train that was Dick Cheney and John Yoo a few years ago.

For more than a year, Republicans have blocked her nomination, because she had the audacity to once work for an abortion rights group.

But I’m more disappointed in Obama and Congressional Democrats. They continue to shy away from repudiating the torturous regime and practice of Bush/Cheney. It’s despicable and disgusting that here was a woman, totally qualified and on the record for years talking about how wrong and illegal torture is, and Obama and the Dems can’t even force a vote on a completely qualified nominee.

What, because they’re too scared to be called soft on terrorism? Please. Pathetic.