Daily Archives: April 15, 2010

ESPN makes a great Iverson movie. And Larry King. Another divorce? Oy.

The last few ESPN “30 for 30” documentaries haven’t been as good as the earlier ones.

But coming into “No Crossover,” the new one detailing the incredible story of the 1993 bowling alley brawl in Hampton, Va. that ended up with high schooler Allen Iverson in prison, I knew it would be dynamite.

I remember how fascinating this case was at the time, with all the racial overtones and hysteria that surrounded the nation’s top high school athlete, being involved in a scuffle between black kids and white kids in the South.

It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, this case, except that the judge gave Iverson a five-year prison sentence, considered ridiculously harsh at the time and now. Eventually, then-Governor of Virginia Douglas Wilder freed Iverson after four months.

Steve James, also the director of “Hoop Dreams,” did a fantastic job with this movie. It’s very even-handed, as the white people of Hampton who thought Iverson’s sentence was justified, are well represented, as are the African-Americans who were outraged, and made their feelings well known.

So much to chew on in this movie, such as “How might Iverson’s career and life have been different if he wasn’t freed after four months? Did Douglas Wilder, the first black governor of Virginia, feel pressure to let Iverson go?

What amazed me is how raw some of the feelings still are for the people involved, 17 years later.

“No Crossover” is on again Friday at 2 p.m. on ESPNU, and Sunday at 1o p.m. on ESPNU. Definitely check it out if you can.

**Just terrible news Wednesday. Larry King, apparently trying to field an entire baseball team full of ex-wives, announced he’s getting divorced for the seventh time. His partnership with Shawn Southwick (who I always loved on those late-night infomercials she used to do; am I the only one in the world who remembers those?) are ending after 13 years.

Oh Larry, bubeleh, maybe you should stop getting married. I’m just saying. The red suspenders will always, always, be a babe magnet. And what girls aren’t attracted to a man who gets phone calls on television from both Minsk and Minneapolis; from Stuttgart and Sacramento?

Larry, I know you’ve got the divorce attorney on speed dial. I know you think it’s going to work out each time. But at some point, don’t you have to just quit? You know, stay a bachelor for a while, go hang out with your buddy Bill Maher at Hef’s place, and have a good time.

Seriously, part of me admires Larry, because you know, he just keeps trying to get this marriage thing right. He’s a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn who wants the perfect wife.

Meanwhile, here’s a great clip of Jerry Seinfeld on with the King. I love this clip, because I legitimately can’t tell if Seinfeld is truly angry, or just putting King on. Maybe you can figure it out