Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

Porn for blind people. A microwave question. And the 98-year-old graduate

I’ve got to give a major tip of the hat to my cool friend Jen Lynn Christy on this one. More proof that people either have way too much time on their hands, or the creative mind is a wonderful thing.

Yes Virginia, there is now pornography for blind people, thanks to a delightful Canadian woman named Lisa Murphy (I’ve found most Canadians are delightful, haven’t you?)

She started a new magazine, filled with dirty text and raised naked images, called Tactile Minds. Lisa felt, as I think we all do, that of course blind people have the same sexual urges as the rest of us, and darn it, why shouldn’t they get their own version of Playboy? It’s actually not easy to do a book like this, so Murphy is to be commended for filling a niche in the market.

Meanwhile, I have so many jokes running through my head about this story, but I’ve decided just about all of them would be at least slightly offensive. So we’ll move on.

**OK, this has nothing to do with anything, but I thought of it tonight as I was putting something in the microwave. Why do some frozen foods still tell you to put things in at 50 percent power? I mean, can’t we just put it in at 100 percent power, only for half as long?

Seriously, what difference does it make?

**Finally, a heartwarming story to send you into the weekend. You are literally never too old to graduate from high school. A woman just two years shy of the century mark, Ida Ruth Hayes Greene, got her diploma a few weeks ago. She grew up in Georgia, and after her mother died she had to help take care of her siblings.

But, from her nursing home, she finished up and finally got the cap and gown. A great, inspiring story if you ask me.