Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

A really creative marriage proposal. An MJ sighting. And why you should watch hockey now.

So I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, which is why I love creative, different marriage proposals that fellas do.

This one in particular made me smile. Tim Gregory, the head softball coach at Glen Este H.S. in Ohio, was madly in love with rival Milford H.S. coach Christy Foster.

The two dated for two years, and Tim was thinking it was time. When the teams played on April 7, Gregory and Foster came out for the traditional pre-game meeting with the umpires.

Then Gregory pulled out a ring, and right by home plate he asked Foster to marry him.

She said yes. But then Gregory’s team went out and won the game, 1-0.

She’ll be paying him back for that one for the rest of their lives.

***Even sportswriters who’ve seen lots of superstars over the years get a little excited seeing certain guys. They’re beyond the normal athletes, you know, the ones in the stratosphere.

So I got a little thrill when, while covering the Orlando Magic-Charlotte Bobcats Game 1 Sunday night, I walked out of the media room before the game and looked up to see Michael Jordan.

Wearing a beautiful chocolate brown suit that probably cost more than my car, he was there because he’s now the majority owner of the Bobcats.

I’d had one other MJ encounter before; a few years ago at an NBA pre-draft camp he was sitting in my row and I had to climb over his legs to get out of the row.

I know he’s just a guy, but still, Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan.

**Finally, I know I’m preaching to a deaf choir when I talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs in hockey. (Give it a try in HD. It’s amazing the difference). But the first few days of the playoffs have been outstanding. Really, really great.

High scoring games, dramatic overtime winners, upsets brewing .. Just fabulous.

Here’s my hockey blog that I update every day or two for the News-Journal.

And then this happened last night, in overtime. San Jose’s Dan Boyle shot it into his own net to cost his team the game. What an excruciating play; the Sharks absolutely dominated this game, outshooting Colorado 50-16!

The best replay starts at about 1:01: