Daily Archives: April 25, 2010

An amazing dog leads a rescue. Missing Leon already. And a new take on “Go to hell.”

I’ll answer your first question immediately: Yes, it’s entirely possible that you’ll now read one or two more dog-related stories in this blog since, you know, I’ve got me a pooch. A pooch who, by the way, had his first two house “accidents” on Saturday.

Anyway, this story sounds completely made up, and too amazing to be true. But it’s real. Buddy the German Shepherd is the star of Anchorage, AK this weekend, after leading the Alaska State Troopers through back roads to a fire at a workshop.

I don’t know what’s the most amazing part of this story:The fact that the trooper’s GPS failed and the dog just happened to be in his line of sight, or that Buddy led the trooper directly to the house.

Truly incredible stuff.

**You know, as a sports fan you grow emotionally attached to some players on your favorite teams. They may not be the best players, necessarily, but you just love them for their whole careers. I felt that way about Adam Graves on the Rangers, Paul O’Neill on the Yankees, and Chris Carrawell of Duke basketball, to name a few.

On the New York Jets, Leon Washington has been my guy the last few years. I begged and pleaded with the coach at the time to get him the ball out of the backfield more, because every time little Leon touched the ball, good things happen. The running back made people miss, burst through holes in an instant, and was Mr. Excitement on kickoff returns.

He had a bright future. Only Leon suffered a horrible leg injury last year and missed most of the year. His rehab has been slow, apparently, and Saturday, after my beloved Green and White drafted another running back, they traded Leon to Seattle.

I am not exactly to the point of weeping and saying “Say it Ain’t so” or anything like that. But I loved Leon and I will miss him.

**Finally, Joe Posnanski makes me laugh out loud with his little asides in his columns. This one killed me, from a recent blog post of his:

*You know, if you think about it, “Go to hell,” as an expression, does seem a bit over the top, doesn’t it? I mean, you overhear a conversation that goes something like this:

Fan 1: “You really think Kobe is better than LeBron?”
Fan 2: “Of course he is. Look at the four rings.”
Fan 1: “Four rings? Kobe plays nursemaid to Shaq for three of them, and then wins one with a freaking loaded team with Gasol and Odom and Fisher and …”
Fan 2: “Fisher? You think Fisher’s good?”
Fan 1: “I think Fisher’s better than the garbage LeBron has been carrying on his back.”
Fan 2: “You’re crazy. LeBron is never going to win one.”
Fan 1: “Go to hell.”

In this case, a disagreement about the playing ability of two of the finer players in the NBA has led one to consign the other to eternal damnation in an everlasting furnace of fire with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Seems a bit much. Now, if Fan 1 was saying Kobe was better than Jordan, OK, maybe I can see it …