Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

BP takes little blame (surprise), Washington’s overdue library books, and those wacky neo-Nazis

So it’s not like I actually expected the fine fellows who run BP to take the blame for the massive oil spill in the Gulf Coast that is pretty much ruining life for millions right now.

Big corporations never take the blame for any mistakes any more. Goldman Sachs? Wasn’t our fault. Countrywide? We didn’t do anything wrong. I get the feeling that if the Titanic were to happen today, you’d hear the ship’s owners going “Look, we had no idea that iceberg would be there.  Who put that thing right in the middle of the ocean? How can you blame us?”

Still, it was so lovely to see BP at first deny responsibility for the disaster. They claimed it wasn’t “their accident,” but they’ll pay for the cleanup. Isn’t that nice of them?

BP has a long history of environmental neglect; there was a a great “60 Minutes” piece a few years ago about an explosion at a BP plant in Texas, just to name one case.

And hey Sarah Palin, Miss Drill, Baby Drill: How’s that love of oil working out for you right now?

**Here’s a story I kept meaning to write about last week that made me laugh. Apparently George Washington took out two books at the lending library in New York City in 1790. And never returned them. Adjusted for today’s dollars, our Founding Father would owe about $300,000 in overdue fines.

(That reminds me of one of my favorite headlines ever. My old friend Scott Nunn was a copy editor in Wilmington, N.C., when I worked at the paper there. One night a wire story moved talking about how it looked like George Washington had multiple children out of wedlock. Scott’s headline: “Washington may have fathered more than country.”

Freaking brilliant.

Also telling that story about Washington’s library books gives me an excuse to watch this, a truly brilliant piece of comedy:

**Finally today, you’ve got to hand it to ne0-Nazi groups. Just when we think they’re about as offensive and disgusting  as possible, they manage to go just a little bit lower.

An outfit called the National Socialist Movement has declared Wednesday “Report an Illegal Alien Day” in Arizona.

Why Wednesday? It’s May 5. Cinco de Mayo.

Just delightful.