Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

The fan who deserved to be Tased. R.I.P. Ernie Harwell. And a Cub Scout badge I could totally get

I have very little tolerance for morons who run out onto the playing field at sporting events. It’s stupid, dangerous (look at Monica Seles) and just an absolutely idiotic thing to do.

Strike that. I have no tolerance for these idiots. So I laughed a little bit Tuesday when I heard people complain that the security in Philadelphia Monday night were too rough on the 17-year-old kid who decided to race onto the field at the Phillies game and run around.

The kid was Tasered by a security guard who chased him around the field for 30 seconds. I’m actually surprised they didn’t beat the hell out of him once he was on the ground. Kid would’ve deserved it.

Look, how hard is this to understand? You pay for a ticket to the game, you stay in your damn seat. I don’t care how many Budweisers you have, if you create a dangerous situation and run onto the field, you deserve whatever the heck happens to you.

Case closed.

**Speaking of baseball, one of the greatest voices in the history of the game was silenced Tuesday night. Ernie Harwell, the legendary announcer for the Detroit Tigers, and universally acclaimed as one of the nicest men ever (just beating out Pol Pot and Rush Limbaugh, I believe), died at age 92.

Here’s a beautiful story by Joe Posnanski about Ernie, from last September. Read Harwell’s own words, and you can understand why he was so beloved.

**So I’m not sure I was the worst kid ever in the Cub Scouts, but I was in the photo. I was really, truly bad. I could barely do the rope knot, I hated being outside for the camping trips, and I really, really didn’t have any idea how to build a fire.

But my friends, now the Cub Scouts are finally getting around to giving out badges for stuff I would’ve been good at.

There is now a badge for being good at video games. According to this story from the Newark Star-Ledger, “Cub Scouts must demonstrate knowledge of the video game rating system, create a schedule balancing gaming with schoolwork and chores, and learn to play any new video game that is approved by a parent, guardian or teacher.”

Man oh man, if being a wiz at RBI Baseball or Double Dragon could’ve gotten me badges, I so would’ve been a pack leader by age 14.