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The biggest lie told by UVA’s president. And a minute with Tony Danza, every day!

There are lies, there are damn lies, there are whoppers, and then there are mistruths so fantastic that I don’t even think the people speaking them think you’ll believe what they’re saying.

The Virginia lacrosse murder case is, of course, extremely upsetting and troubling. I don’t want to go into all the details here, because I don’t know all of them yet. It’s a tremendous tragedy and I can only imagine how awful Yeardley Love’s friends and family are feeling right now.

But I want to talk about something else, an utterly enormous lie told by Virginia president John Casteen Wednesday. When asked by the media about a 2008 arrest of George Huguely, the suspect in Love’s murder, Casteen said he and other school officials were unaware of the arrest.

That is completely, 100 percent impossible to believe, and I’m not saying that just because I’ve been around college sports a lot in my life. There is no way, I mean, NO WAY, that an athlete at a major university, playing for a national powerhouse lacrosse team like UVa., could get arrested in the state and his coach, athletics director, and dean of students not find out about it.

It’s literally impossible. To quote my good friend Will Springstead, a former lacrosse player at small Hartwick (N.Y.) College, “Our dean of students at Hartwick not only knew who’d been arrested just over the weekend, much less a year and a half prior WHILE a student, he knew what you said to the arresting officer and what you were wearing.”

Will’s right. It’s not like this was the University of Florida football team, where guys get arrested left and right (there were 24 incidents of Gator players having brushes with the law from 2005-09). This is a lacrosse team that has no reputation for this kind of behavior, and a program that takes the sport extremely seriously. You’re going to tell me that NO ONE, not Huguely’s teammates, or a friend of the program, or an R.A, or anyone on that campus talked about Huguely’s arrest? Or that Virginia coach John Danowski doesn’t know every time one of his players spits on the sidewalk?

It’s disgraceful and disgusting to see UVA already start to run away from this crime. Of course it’s not their fault that one student allegedly murdered another. But to bury their head in the sand and claim they didn’t know of Huguely’s arrest is just ridiculous.

**And now, for something completely different…

Tony Danza has a website I just found out about called “Daily Danza.” It has new video clips of him every day, pretty much, talking about his daughter, or whatever else he’s in the mood for that day.

I think this is awesome. What I’ve always been fascinated about with Tony Danza is this: He played a guy named Tony Banta on “Taxi,” OK? Then he played a guy named Tony Miceli, on “Who’s The Boss?”

And I’m wondering: Were his characters all named Tony because Mr. Danza would get confused if he was called by another name? Seriously, I think that had to be the reason.

Anyway, the only way “Daily Danza” could be more entertaining is if he did these videos as Tony Miceli. Then we could get clips like: “How Mona sexually harassed me in the Bauer kitchen one morning,” or “Why Jonathan can’t get girls: A 12-part investigation.”

I’d watch it.