Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

The best softball ringer ever. And an Indians announcer has just had enough losing

Since it’s a Yankees-Red Sox series weekend, and it’s a beautiful spring day here in Florida, how about a couple of baseball posts for this Saturday in May?

Some beer-league softball team in California is going to have a pretty big shock soon.

They’ll be getting ready for their next game, warming up on the sidelines, and look over at the other team and see none other than Eric Byrnes, an 11-year major league outfielder who just got released by the Oakland A’s.

Seems Byrnes, always a quirky guy, has decided he’s done in the big leagues, but he’s ready for the beer leagues. He’s going to star on a team of his friends in a California slow-pitch softball league.

I think this is great. When else is a 45-year-old fat insurance salesmen going to get the chance to say he got out a major-league batter?

Given that Byrnes is making $11 million this year, I would hope he springs for the alcohol, pre and post-game food, and whatever else his teammates want.

**Sometimes, a sports broadcaster just can’t take it anymore. They’ve seen enough losing and miserable play, and they just have to explode.

It rarely happens anymore, but thank goodness we’ve got videotape of a full-blown meltdown by Cleveland Indians announcer Bruce Drennan, on Fox Sports Ohio’s postgame show on May 6.

It’s truly hilarious, and he gets more and more angry (and humorous) as it goes along: You go Bruce.