Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

LT’s batshit-crazy wife. Two dog-related thoughts. And is Elena Kagan a liberal?

I’ve pretty much avoided writing about Lawrence Taylor’s arrest on rape charges stemming from his encounter with a 16-year-old girl in New York last week.

The whole situation just angers and depresses me, just thinking about it.

However, my good friend Tony brought this video to my attention (I tried to embed it, but for some odd reason it won’t work). Taylor’s wife Lynette just might be completely bat-shit crazy.

Her rationalizations of why Taylor couldn’t have had sex with the girl boggle the mind. My favorite one is that the girl “isn’t his type,” and has nothing to offer him. So therefore he couldn’t have done it.

Yep, Lawrence, you got yourself a keeper there. Hang on to her real tight.

So it’s been three weeks since we adopted Bernie, our 9-pound (“9.3 pounds!” my wife shouts from the other room; yes, she can somehow know what I’m typing from 10 feet away. I can’t explain it, either.) bundle of fur and joy. As expected, I now look at some things in life a little differently.

I’m talking to neighbors who I never have talked to before (hey, we’re both outside walking dogs, what am I going to do, be rude?), I’m realizing that my wife’s affection is now split between he and I (that’s OK, I’m not jealous).

Anyway, two thoughts from the past few days of dog life:

1. We were at the dog park the other day and there was this tiny, yappy dog with the most high-pitched, obnoxious bark you can imagine. And I wondered: Did this dog bark like this when the owners brought him home, or is it something that developed? And if he was always like that, wouldn’t that be a dealbreaker? I couldn’t imagine listening to that every day; I mean it was truly, truly vile.

2. Couple of kids from our neighborhood came knocking on our front door the other day. They’d seen Julie walking Bernie one of the first days we had him, and they just randomly came over and wanted to see if he could come out and play.

My first thought: This is odd. My second thought: What kind of parents let their kids wander over to a stranger’s front door and knock on it, and possibly enter their home? That seemed totally irresponsible to me. We could be axe-murderers who fry dogs over an open flame, for all they know.

**Finally, President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court Monday. I truly have no idea what she’ll do as a Justice; I like that she’s not a judge, I like that she’ young, but I am also terrified that she’ll turn out to be more conservative than Justice Stevens was.

I’d have to say I’m disappointed a little. As Glenn Greenwald on Salon.com points out, this was Obama’s chance to put a true liberal on the Court, someone who is progressive and stands for Democratic values. Who knows, this might be his last nominee to the Court, and there are plenty of qualified, progressive judges.

And yet he chose someone who may turn out to be something totally different than we Dems hope.

Sigh. I hope she turns out to be great. But the fact that we have no idea if the nominee chosen by the leader of our party will share the same values scares me quite a bit.