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Making men more cuddly. And Kenny Anderson finally gets it

Ladies, don’t you wish you could make your men more cuddly? That you could just snap your fingers and bam, there would be your beloved husband/boyfriend ready to hug you and hold you for hours? (I don’t have that problem, of course. I’m all about the snuggling. It’s my wife who’s ready to flee after just a few minutes.)

Of course you do. Well your dreams and prayers have been answered. Scientists in Germany have discovered a “cuddle chemical” that may allow men to be more sensual and affectionate. It’s called Oxytocin, and according to this study, the 24 men who had taken a few puffs of the spray were shown to have higher emotional empathy than those who took a placebo.

This medicine could be groundbreaking. Can’t you just see the scene? A woman sneaks into the bathroom, grabs some Oxytoxin spray, and ingests it into her man’s nose while he sleeps.

Suddenly, he wakes up, holds her for hours, then gets up, turns on Oprah, and asks if she wants to go to that art exhibit at the Met later that day. To heck with football, he says, “let’s stay home and talk about our feelings.”

Yep, that oxytocin could be better for women than Oprah herself has been.

***Kenny Anderson, once the greatest  high school point guard ever to come out of New York City (well, one of the best ever, at least), was always kind of a moron as a pro player.

He did stupid things, he said stupid things (during one of the NBA lockouts, he made a comment about needing $20,000 a month of “hanging around money) and basically acted like the perfect example of the spoiled modern athlete.

But finally, maybe 20 years too late, but finally, Anderson seems to get it. He went back to college in Florida recently, and today, after hard work, Anderson will graduate from college. The New York Times’ George Vecsey wrote a real nice story on Anderson in the Times this week; check it out.

Funny quote from the story, though, from Kenny, that doesn’t speak well of the intelligence needed to play pro hoops:

“I hadn’t used my brain in 2o years.”