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The violently unhappy Wendy’s customer who owns a Taser. And Cleveland really, really wants to keep LeBron

Sometimes, my dear readers, I have to look far and wide, to the four corners of this here Internet, and the four corners of the globe, to find a fascinating, humorous, or otherwise interesting story to share with you.

Other times, I am blessed. I live in Florida, and crazy stuff seems to happen here all the time.

Tonight, I only had to look at the website of my own newspaper, the Daytona Beach News-Journal. There I learned about Melanese Asia Reid, 20, and her friend Katrina Mari-Alyce Bryant, 23. The two ladies were at a Daytona Beach Wendy’s drive-thru Monday morning, and apparently they weren’t happy with the way their order was given to them.

So Reid and Bryant got out of their car, and ran into the restaurant wielding a Taser.

Let me repeat that. Wielding a Taser.

What did the guy do, forget to throw in a few extra ketchups? Leave the mayo off the burger?

They began chasing the poor employee around and trying to stun him with the Taser, but to no avail. They eventually fled, but were caught when (and I love this part) they later called the manager of the Wendy’s to complain, and shared where they were calling from when asked.

Oh man, so many jokes, so little time. When they say fast food can kill you, they’re not kidding.

Or how about this for a new slogan: “Wendy’s. Our food is so good, you’ll be shocked!”

OK, I’m done now. Check out the story here.

**LeBron James has been getting all kinds of criticism since the Cavaliers blew that series to the Celtics a few days ago. I think much of it is unwarranted; not to get off on a rant here (hat tip, Dennis Miller), but a lot of the same criticisms of LeBron were made of some guy named Jordan when he played for the Bulls in the late 1980s: Great individual talent, not a true leader, never going to win a championship, yada yada yada.

Anyway, so many are criticizing, and yet the people of Cleveland, New York and Chicago are begging for King James to play for them.

Gotta hand it to these Cleveland folks for this brilliant idea: A remake of “We Are the World” with LeBron thrown in. Hilarious:

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