Daily Archives: May 23, 2010

A “what’s more offensive” question for my readers. And the French Open kicks off

So I’m in the greeting card section of Target on Saturday, looking for a birthday card for a friend, and I see, lined up three in a row, a trio of obnoxious, stupid, sexist cards designed for men.

You know the type: Big-breasted woman, maybe blonde, leaning over looking all come-hither. The words on the front are some sexual entendre, and then you open the card and the rest of the joke is inside. It’s rarely funny, and often stupid.

And while I was pondering that, I got to thinking about how lately beer commercials have really been pissing me off. They are getting stupider and stupider, especially the Coors Light and Miller Lite ones: (the two most moronic have to be the one where the guy can’t say “I love you” to his girlfriend, and the one (above) where the girl asks him what he’d save if they were falling off a cliff, her or his Miller Lite).

It offends me that this is how greeting card companies and beer marketers see men: That we’re all these drooling, idiotic, mono-syllabic morons. Are there no men out there who like greeting cards or beer? We’re all just so stupid we’d pick a case of cheap beer over our hot girlfriend?

It’s pathetic that in 2010 they think that all men are alike, and we’re this dumb. As an intelligent male, I would love to know what guy is watching those commercials and saying “Yeah, that’s me. I should drink that beer and be like that guy.”

OK, end of rant. I’m just sayin’ aren’t there any creative minds left in advertising for these companies?

Which do you think are more offensive, the greeting cards, or the beer commercials?

**The French Open tennis tournament starts today, and I am very happy.

I think it’s weird how in the last couple of years a few of the Grand Slams have decided to start on a Sunday, to stretch the tournament out through three weekends and make some more money off fans by having one extra day of play. But whatever.

This should be a fascinating two weeks for tennis nuts like myself. You have to figure Rafael Nadal, all healthy and fired up (though still not back in the clam-digger shorts, which I think he ought to be wearing), will regain his crown as men’s champ. Can my man Roger Federer find a way to beat Rafa on clay, in a Grand Slam, which he’s never done? I’m as big a Fed fan as there is, but I’m not sure he can do it this year.

On the women’s side, Serena Williams has hardly played since winning the Australian Open in January. And she never plays well at Roland Garros. So of course she’ll probably win the tournament. Justine Henin, who I met once and was very nice, is back from retirement and could also win. Really, it’s pretty wide open on the women’s side.

By the way, that picture above is me standing on the actual center court at the French Open, Court Phillippe Chartrier. I’ll tell the story of my criminal mischief in sneaking into the stadium sometime later this week; let’s just say security there wasn’t exactly like it is at Leavenworth.