Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

Some rude New Yorkers, “Glee” sliding downhill, and a really bad idea mixing the KKK with learning

You ever read a story and not know whether to be more horrified by the action, or the result?

That’s kind of how I felt reading this story in the New York Times Tuesday.  According to a study by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, 51 New Yorkers in 2009 assaulted a bus driver by spitting on them. Fifty-one! That’s once a week, a bus driver, who is simply doing his job and going about his life and trying to earn a paycheck, had to endure the indignity of getting expectorated on.

So that’s pretty shocking, right? Even in New York, there should be manners, right? Well, that’s not even the most shocking part of the story.

After being spat on, the report said, drivers took an average of 64 days off work following the incident; the equivalent of three months of paid leave.

This is unbelievable to me. Of course being spit on is disgusting, rude, and those who do it should be prosecuted. But 64 days off following an incident? That seems like blatant abuse and incredibly irresponsible of the drivers.

Man, first it was the railroad conductors taking advantage of taxpayer money last year, and now the bus drivers. Geez.

**You people know I love “Glee.” Have adored it ever since it first aired and they did that amazing “Don’t Stop Believin'” cover.

But something has happened between the first batch of episodes, and when it returned from its winter hiatus: They’ve forgotten the storytelling. They’ve forgotten a lot of the humor. And they’ve given us way, way, WAY too many musical numbers. Look, I love the musical numbers; Tuesday night the whole KISS thing was great, and I don’t like Lady Gaga but the performances were good.

It feels like the whole episodes have no point except to put on the songs, and Tuesday we didn’t even get Sue Sylvester for a minute.

(By the way, who the heck ever figured Mike O’Malley had such acting chops? That was a phenomenal scene with Finn in the basement.)

I’m still a big fan, and Tuesday’s episode did have some nice moments. I just feel it’s getting closer and closer to ridiculousness and (dare I say it) self-parody.

**Finally, here’s another page from the really, really bad idea book: A teacher in Atlanta, Catherine Ariemma, allowed four students to wear KKK costumes to school to film a school project about racism.

Oh yeah, the county where the school is, Lumpkin, Ga., is 95 percent white.

I’m thinking maybe there was a better way to illustrate that lesson, Mrs. Ariemma. Did they come to school with flaming crosses in their backpacks, too?