Daily Archives: May 29, 2010

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” close to death. One very tough puppy. And a little thing that made me feel old

So we moved one step closer to finally getting rid of the disgusting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the U.S. military this week.

The House of Representatives voted to kill it on Thursday, so now it moves to the Senate. An important committee in the Senate, the Senate Armed Services Committee, also voted to let this exclusionary, homophobic, anti-civil rights law die a slow death (And shame on Jim Webb for voting against this).

There will be more fighting next week, from the old-guard Republicans, who despite poll after poll showing that most Americans want anyone to be able to serve, still think it’s a terrible idea.

Gay-hating senators like John McCain are vowing to filibuster this amendment, making oh so much noise and sounding so much like those who railed against women having the right to vote, and African-Americans having the right to vote.

There’s still so much wrong with this country, so much that needs fixing. But finally, within a matter of months, any person brave enough to want to serve in the military, will be able to do so.

And thank God for that, on this Memorial Day weekend.

**So this is fairly incredible. A woman in Rock Hill, S.C. drove for 30 miles, following an ambulance taking her husband to the hospital, with a stray puppy stuck under her front hood.

The poor little guy had been abandoned near the woman’s house, climbed in there somehow, then got stuck on top of the hot transmission.

He turned out to have stomach burns, but he’s OK now. Check out the amazing story here.

**OK, this is just something that might make fellow Generation X’ers like myself feel old.

I was watching “Glee” the other night and the character Rachel Berry was talking to her biological mother, who she’d just met. The mom, Shelby, asked her how she got her name Rachel.

And she said, “My dads were big fans of ‘Friends.” And then it hit me that a high school senior was now old enough to have been born during “Friends,” which started when I was in college.

Wow. It’s the little moments that stop you in your tracks.