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The greatest streak in sports dies, as Federer goes down. And a brilliant marriage proposal

Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals of the French Open Tuesday.

So what? you say. It’s not like he never loses.

True, I say. But in losing in the quarterfinals, one of the most amazing, and I think wildly underrated, streaks in sports has died.

For 23 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments (that’s the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, for those not tennis-inclined), Federer reached at least the semifinals.

That goes back six years. For every major since 2004, Federer has made it to the final four. To put that into perspective, the next highest consecutive total is 10. TEN. By Ivan Lendl in the 1980s.

Pick another sport and find me someone who’s ever been that consistent. Tiger Woods? Please. He’s only made the top four of a major five consecutive times.

Running or cycling? When’s the last time someone was top 4, against world-class competition, 23 times in a row. NASCAR? Please. These guys are thrilled when they get one or two top fives in a row.

No, what we got to witness from Federer these last six years is downright Cal Ripken-esque, and now that the streak has died, I hope people will stop and appreciate how amazing of a run it was.

If you want to hear more thoughts on the match from moi, here’s the link to my French Open blog.

**OK, you people know, if you come here regularly, that I’m a pretty hopeless romantic. And I love, love, LOVE a great, creative wedding proposal.

And a very lucky lady named Claudine got one in Madison Square Park over the weekend. Check out the love and wonder in this small moment of joy for two people: