Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Rafa rules again. O’Reilly hates gays. And a new idea for unemployed writers

It’s a beautiful thing to watch a healthy Rafael Nadal play tennis again.

A year ago at this time, tennis nuts like myself were afraid we might never see what we saw on Sunday: a healthy, energetic, completely fired up Nadal running down every ball and dominating on his way to a French Open title over Robin Soderling, the guy who beat him last spring.

So many athletes get struck down in their prime by injury (my childhood hero, Don Mattingly, was never the same after a back injury.) As fans we feel robbed when it happens, because we know the potential for greatness.

Thankfully with Rafa, there looks to be no theft. His knees look healthy, and he’s now resuming his amazing rivalry with Roger Federer. It’s the best rivalry in tennis since Chris and Martina, and I can’t wait to see them battle at Wimbledon.

We’re so lucky that both are such good people and have a friendly rivalry, unlike, say, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Can’t wait for Wimbledon in two weeks.

**Yeah, I know I’m not exactly breaking big news here by saying that Bill O’Reilly hates gay people, or is at least highly prejudiced against them.

Mr. Fox News showed it again last week, when criticizing this reasonably tame McDonald’s gay-themed ad airing in France.

O’Reilly was highly upset by this, particularly by the tag line at the end “Come as you are.”

He asked on his show if McDonald’s had an “Al Qaeda ad, you know, come as you are?”

So basically, in Bill-O’s world, being gay is sorta equivalent to being a member of a terrorist organization.

If you want to see more of Mr. O’Reilly’s gay-hating, check out this handy compilation of his greatest hits.

**Under the category of “Sure, that could work,” I read about a new web site for out of work writers this weekend. Two former journalists in Florida have started a site called www.watchdogcity.com, where writers can sell access to their stories to individual consumers for as little as 99 cents.

So basically, I can go on there, see a story about sea turtles that I’m interested in, see that it’s written by a writer I trust, and purchase it for the price set by the writer.

With freelance rates being terrible, maybe this is a way for writers to make a little extra money. I think it sounds like a good idea; I hope it takes off. For more on the site, check out this article.