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“Nurse Jackie” ends wonderfully. “Tara,” not so much. And the rage at Elton John

Two of my favorite shows ended on the same night Monday. One ended on a high note. The other, not so much.

(By the way, I’m not ignoring the season finale of “Glee.” I’ll probably have thoughts on it on Thursday. Right now I’m trying to decide if I hated it or loved it. I’m thinking a little of both.)

I’ve been raving about “Nurse Jackie” on Showtime to anyone who’ll listen for a couple of years now, and after some uneven episodes, this year, the writers absolutely gave us a killer season finale.

Edie Falco, as Jackie, was finally caught in all her lies by her husband, and her best friend. The awesome storyline of Zoey and Lenny got even more interesting. Dr. Cooper got punched, always a good thing.

This is a really good show, showing how a drug addict like Jackie can wrap everyone in her life around her finger, and giving us some fantastic acting, especially by Zoey (Merritt Weaver). I wish more people watched this show.

Here’s a clip of the season finale, when Jackie’s friend Dr. O’Hara discovers she faked an MRI to obtain more pain pills:

Then there was “United States of Tara,” a show that I discovered last year and was blown away by its fabulousness. Toni Collette is amazing as a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, and we see how her behavior affects her family.

Last year the show was brilliant. This year, it took a significant nose-dive. They introduced way too many new “alter-egos,” let the storylines drift so far away from any sort of reality, and never really got into a groove with the writing. (My friend Brian Hickey, a fellow devotee, also wondered what the hell happened between Seasons 1 and 2).

I kept hoping it would turn around, but Monday’s finale was as strange and disjointed as the rest. We got no real answers, characters acted very strangely (all of a sudden daughter Kate wants to stay in this house with these crazies, instead of living on her own?), and it just sort of ended.

Ugh. Not good. I’m willing to give “Tara” a few episodes of Season 3 to win me back, just because Toni Collette is so freaking brilliant.

**It’s been a couple of days since I heard about it, and I’m still quite puzzled.

Elton John, music icon, and for decades one of the most powerful voices speaking out on behalf of gay rights, performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding last weekend.

Rush, of course, is among other things on the record hundreds of times as being bigoted against gay people, believing they shouldn’t have the right to marry, they’re immoral heathens, etc.

So why? Why would Elton John do it? Money? He certainly can’t need the dough (word is he got $1 million for it). Personal friendship? Unlikely.  He’s stirred up an awful lot of anger in the gay community, and I can’t really blame them.

Look, I’m not asking Elton John to be a role model. But performing at the wedding of a man so clearly at odds with what you believe, and who has said so many hateful things about those like you, seems like a very, very bad move.

A move that will likely cost Sir Elton some fans.