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Another good veto by Florida’s Governor. And a plea to Tom Izzo: Please stay

So that’s two vetoes in a row for newly-independent Florida governor Charlie Crist.
When we last left the former Republican here on Wide World of Stuff, he had actually listened to the howls of outrage and vetoed a controversial new education law that was as stupid as it was short-sighted.

Now, no longer beholden to the lunatic fringe on the right, Crist has vetoed a disgusting and despicable law passed by the Florida legislature. The bill, HB1243, would’ve required women wishing to have an abortion to hear details about the fetus from their doctor, and would’ve forced them to have, and pay for, an ultrasound and view the image, with rare exceptions.

This was a dreadful piece of legislation, an absolute invasion of women’s privacy at a time they’re making a very difficult decision men like me have no concept of.

The law was designed to, I suppose, guilt women who chose of their own free will to have an abortion, into changing their minds.

It’s reprehensible to think this could’ve become law, and I commend Crist for vetoing it.

He’s not going to win this Senate election he’s in, I believe. But at least he’s salvaging his reputation and proving he’s not the Jeb Bush clone we all thought he was.

Here’s the great story on Izzo from HBO’s Real Sports from a few months ago:

**With the exception of Notre Dame’s Mike Brey (Formerly of the University of Delaware, thank you) and, of course, Mike Krzyzewski, there’s no college basketball coach I respect more, and like more, than Tom Izzo.

The Michigan State boss is everything you’d want in a coach: intense, dedicated to his profession, fiercely loyal to his players, and absolutely a winner. He’s led the Spartans to six Final Fours and one national title in 12 years, a ridiculously consistent mark in this era of one and done players and tremendous parity in Division I hoops.

Everything I’ve read about him, and seen, makes me think he’s a good, decent man, who is a credit to his profession.

Which is why I am really, really, really hoping he stays at Michigan State, and doesn’t jump to the NBA to coach the possibly LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers. As I write this, news reports say Izzo is torn about which way to turn.

He’s been offered the Cavs job, but you’d think he has no way of knowing whether LeBron James will be there when he arrives (I’d be shocked if James told Izzo one way or the other by now; no way that could stay quiet for a month).

Izzo is so good for college basketball, and for Michigan State. His kids don’t get into trouble with the law, and they play tremendously hard on both ends of the floor. Izzo has always struck me as a guy who loves the college game, with its high and lows. Would he really want to subject himself to 82 games with millionaire pros, especially when his MSU team this season is a national title contender?

Far be it from me to tell a man I don’t know what to do. But I really, really hope he stays at MSU and continues his legacy as one of the best college coaches ever.  The NCAA would be a lot poorer if he’s gone.

Watch that clip I’ve embedded above, a typically excellent HBO Real Sports piece on Izzo. Tell me that’s not a man perfectly at home.