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Who was Susan G. Komen, anyway? And World Cup fun with Legos

So many times we hear names associated with causes, and we never know who exactly they were.
Time passes, years go by, and we forget who the little girl was behind “Megan’s Law,” a bill that absolutely has helped save lives. Nobody remembers why it’s called an Amber Alert, but again, that law has helped protect children.

As I was walking around town doing errands recently I saw two women wearing Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness ribbons and shirts. Normally, I don’t even think twice; the Susan G. Komen name is one of the most famous in all of medical research. So many charitable walks, fund-raisers, bake sales, you name it, have had her name attached to it.

But I got to thinking: Who was she, and how did she become the face of breast cancer? (these things pop into my head, what can I tell you.)

So I did a little research tonight, and was pretty amazed at what I found. Susan G. Komen (above, on the left) was a woman from Peoria, Ill., who was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 33, and died three years later, after nine operations and three bouts of chemotherapy, in 1980. She was a fighter, a source of laughter to her family, and a former high school Homecoming queen.

She’s not just a name on a charity. Her sister NancyBrinker  wrote a beautiful remembrance of Susan on the official Susan G. Komen for the Cure website. I urge you to read it and realize that all the millions raised to fight the awful scourge of breast cancer all started with one woman refusing to give up.

**Just to show the world that they have a sense of humor, the Guardian newspaper of London has up on their site a hilarious video re-creating the U.S.-England soccer game in Lego.

My favorite part is right after the English guy scores.